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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

We are transitioning to a new website, Jalic Blades and we recommend placing your purchase there. Going forward new products will only appear on the new website.

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Daario's Ladies

Daario's Ladies
"Khaleesi," he cried, "I bring gifts and glad tidings. The Stormcrows are yours." A golden tooth gleamed in his mouth when he smiled. "And so is Daario Naharis!"
Dany was dubious. If this Tyroshi had come to spy, this declaration might be no more than a desperate plot to save his head. "What do Prendahl na Ghezn and Sallor say of this?"
"Little." Daario upended the sack, and the heads of Sallor the Bald and Prendahl na Ghezn spilled out upon her carpets. "My gifts to the dragon queen."
Viserion sniffed the blood leaking from Prendahl's neck, and let loose a gout of flame that took the dead man full in the face, blackening and blistering his bloodless cheeks. Drogon and Rhaegal stirred at the smell of roasted meat.
"You did this?" Dany asked queasily.
"None other." If her dragons discomfited Daario Naharis, he hid it well. For all the mind he paid them, they might have been three kittens playing with a mouse.
"Because you are so beautiful." His hands were large and strong, and there was something in his hard blue eyes and great curving nose that suggested the fierceness of some splendid bird of prey. "Prendahl talked too much and said too little." His garb, rich as it was, had seen hard wear; salt stains patterned his boots, the enamel of his nails was chipped, his lace was soiled by sweat, and she could see where the end of his cloak was fraying. "And Sallor picked his nose as if his snot was gold." He stood with his hands crossed at the wrists, his palms resting on the pommels of his blades; a curving Dothraki arakh on his left hip, a Myrish stiletto on his right. Their hilts were a matched pair of golden women, naked and wanton.
"Are you skilled in the use of those handsome blades?" Dany asked him.

Daario's Ladies Set Details

  • Blades: Stainless Steel
  • Lady Parts: 24k gold plating, matte finish, antique wash. 
  • Hilt: Cast metal, antique brass plating
  • Plaque: Silkscreened fiber board. Includes mounting hardware.
  • Arakh Blade Length: 33 1/8 inches.
  • Stiletto Blade Length: 12 1/4 inches.  

IMPORTANT, READ THIS: This is the exclusive officially licensed Daario's Ladies  from "A Song of Ice and Fire." All swords come with a certificate of authenticity personally autographed by George R.R. Martin.  This is a limited edition of 2500 pieces and each item will be engraved with the edition number.  IN STOCK. 

UNITED KINGDOM CUSTOMERS: Your government has certain restrictions on curved blades, I would highly recommend seeking preapproval from UK customs prior to ordering this to make sure they will allow you to import it. Stress it is an unsharpened collectible and hopefully they say yes. 

This item is not a toy. Please keep out of the reach of children.

About Valyrian Steel ®

The Valyrian Steel ® Collection is a series of weapons and arms created from the fantasy world of author George R.R. martin's best selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire". Each limited edition entry in this collection is made of only the highest quality materials available with special attention made to the finish and detailing. Based on Mr. Martin's meticulously detailed notes and descriptions, the design of each piece reflects the rich characters and history of his magnificent saga.

Payment Methods

Check or Money Order. You will checkout on this website here and then be presented with an order form to print out and mail along with your payment. If you are International you should visit your bank and ask for a certified check in USD for the appropriate amount, or visit a Western Union branch office and obtain a Money Order from them in USD. After placing your order you have 30 days to make payment or your order will be cancelled and you will have to replace it, possibly losing your spot in line. If at any time you wish to cancel your order you may do so via email and a refund will be mailed to you.

Credit Card. Checkout through the website and choose credit card payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Please be advised that your card will be billed a deposit of the full amount when you place your order. This deposit is 100% refundable at any time up until when the product ships. If you are from a country with a high degree of credit card fraud we may reject your order and require you to pay with a check or money order. Your credit card statement will have a charge from "Jalic Blades."

The plaque picture below is concept art only, the actual plaque picture looks the same and will follow shortly. 

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Comment: Daario's ladies are elegant
"Their beauty is only surpassed by their speed and agility as they come to life under his searching hands. They are his first true loves. He has explored their bodies and caressed them as no other, molding, teasing and wresting from them all they had to offer. And, little by little, their proud and stubborn wills had yielded to his. His dance with them now is perfection itself, his timing impeccable, hypnotizing his foes even unto death. I absolutely love my ladies! Beautifully wrought, they have become my favourites........for now. I have yet to complete my collection. Sincerely, another Cat"
Mar 28 2018, 05:25 AMby

good but difficult to hang
"The detail on this is excellent and it shipped fast, the blade metal is similar to that of a butter knife and it is not sharpened. The price is fair probably the absolute top price i would pay. However they definitely didn't hang it before selling it. After constructing the plaque and mounting it on the wall i realized the weight distribution causes the arakh to slide all the way down to the handle. I even unscrewed the plaque and tried a variety of different tricks to make it work but they all failed. Finally i had to hang a plastic hook under the arakhs handle to keep it from sliding which solved the problem but takes away for the overall look of the blades. The second problem with hanging it comes from the dagger, as it is top heavy once its in place it was leaning against the wall with the blade lunging out. To solve the second problem i had to stack 4 felt pads on top of each other and stick them on the wall behind the head of the dagger to keep it straight and uniformed. So it is hang able but requires a few additions that will take away from the overall appealing look. These are probably among the most unique replicas this website sells but also they are probably the hardest to hang so 3/5 all things considered."
May 21 2018, 03:15 AMby

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