We received the final Longclaw approvals back from GRRM today. This means we’re really really close. There are a few changes we need to do, just minor things, but as soon as those are done and we have a proof we’ll get some photos taken, put them up, and start taking preorders.

The main change that I think you all may be interested in is that we’ve decided to make the plaque white on gray. As you may recall the idea is that a bastard will use his father’s colors in reverse, however originally we were doing white on black instead of white on gray, as would be the case since the Stark colors are gray on white. Once we had the first prototype though we noticed a mockup of a gray plaque looked better, and well, since it was technically more accurate GRRM agreed and we decided to go with it instead.

On the topic of preorders, for our International customers, could you please respond with what country you are from? We need to compile of list of shipping costs for Longclaw to various International destinations and I’ll make the countries of fans that post here a priority so that those ones are done when we first start taking preorders.

In Non-Longclaw news, the Needle concept art is nearing completion.