We are pleased to announce the newest product in our line of licensed collectibles from the HBO® series Game of Thrones®. Heartsbane is made from stainless steel with bronze finished handle parts and a hardwood grip. It was modeled directly on the actual screen used prop from the show, with accurately matched materials and dimensions. It is a limited edition of 3000 pieces and will come with a certificate of authenticity and wall plaque. Heartsbane will retail for an MSRP of $350 and preorders will open on January 25th at 1PM Eastern (New York) time for summer 2020 deliveries.

We now have Robb’s Sword and Needle back in stock. Robb’s sword remember is also the sword used by generic Stark armsmen throughout the series, it was out of stock for quite a few years and now we decided to finish the original planned edition run. It is the most functional sword we have made, being high carbon steel and full tang.

Needle has simply been sold out since earlier in the summer due to demand. But it is back now.

The next new products will be Arya’s Blade, a reimagining of the Catspaw Blade, and Heartsbane. Heartsbane had to have a second prototype done and so was delayed from our earlier estimate.

Then next for us after those will be a book edition of Blackfyre.

It has been awhile since we posted a product update here (we post on Facebook more regularly, I recommend following us). Still, for those without Facebook you are due for an update.

Euron Greyjoy’s axe is in stock and shipping, as is Book Longclaw and King Robert’s Warhammer. Khal Drogo’s arakh is back after a hiatus, and Robb Stark’s sword is coming back after a long hiatus in about 5 weeks. These latter two are not reissues but simply us finishing the original enumerated limited editions.

We are starting to work with GRRM on a book licensed Blackfyre replica.

We are still working with HBO on a Heartsbane replica, we have had the first prototype done but have to make some changes which will be a delay, we hope to launch preorders maybe early October at this point.

We are going to reissue the Catspaw Blade. We originally made this product for Season 1, the packaging and COA all talk about how it was a dagger used to try to assassinate Bran in the second episode, since that time the dagger has had a lot of other uses, most notably being used by Arya to kill the Night King. When it stabbed into his chest it called out to be remade.

We will rename it Arya’s Blade, it will come in a stainless steel unlimited edition and a damascus limited edition. It will have a new display, a wooden shelf stand with a base tray featuring a graphic of the map of Westeros, and an acrylic dome over the whole thing. We hope to maybe have it out around the end of the year.

In unrelated to Westeros news our company has secured the rights to The Last Kingdom on Netflix, based on the books by Bernard Cromwell. We have also secured the rights to The Witcher video games. So look for those products in the future.

Oathkeeper Damascus will start shipping tomorrow. If you’ve had your address changed or something please email us to let us know. If you requested a number greater than 250 it will not ship in this batch, if you wish to change your number request also let us know. Not all of them will get out tomorrow, it will take a couple days to work through it.

Khal Drogo’s Arakh will start shipping next week. If you’ve moved or otherwise need to change your shipping address. Please EMAIL us. Simply changing your address on our website will not fix old orders (only future ones), existing orders need to be manually updated. Also you may start getting shipping confirmations this weekend, we’re just preprinting labels. No swords are likely to actually go out until Monday or Tuesday. Also, we’re unlikely to get through all the preorders in a timely fashion because we’re closed half of next week for Motor City Comic Con, but we’ll do our best.

We are pleased to announce the newest product in our line of licensed collectibles from the HBO® series Game of Thrones®. The Lannister Shield is made from resin and fiberglass with an embossed Lannister sigil. It was modeled directly on the actual screen used prop from the show, with accurately matched finishes and dimensions. It will come with a certificate of authenticity and wall mount. The Lannister Shield will retail for an MSRP of $250, we will start accepting preorders, on Saturday April 18th, for early Summer 2015 deliveries.

We plan to be shipping out Oathkeeper (stainless) and Jaime Lannister’s Sword soon. As in next week. So if you’ve moved or otherwise changed address since you ordered please email or phone us to let us know. Do not merely update your address on your account on our website, those changes aren’t retroactive on old orders, old orders need to be manually updated by us. Thank you. For those wondering, Damascus Oathkeeper & Arakh should ship in May, preorders for Needle and Lannister Shield should be in April.

This past weekend we exhibited at Indiana Comic Con and met up with both Rory McCann and Jason Momoa. Rory posed with both Ice and his helm (and yes, it fits). Jason signed our prototype arakh for us, so now it is both a prototype, and autographed, nice huh?

On completely unrelated news. Jaime’s sword and stainless Oathkeeper are still scheduled to ship the last week of March (possibly 1st week of April at the latest) and Ice Damascus is almost sold out, I think we’re down to single digits.

We also took pictures of all our GOT/ASOIAF cosplayers, check them out here.