We’ve had a change of heart based on user feedback. We didn’t think checks would be a big deal but apparently they are for some people, especially those foreign customers who have to make special arrangements with their bank to get one. Originally we were always going to open up credit card ordering on September 1st, but we decided to move it up.

If you’ve already placed your order and indicated mail order form payment, please continue with that payment method. Else, all new orders are welcome to be made by either method, except people from high risk fraud countries (Russia, China, Malaysia, among others) who we will require check payments from still.

Well, the time has come. We are now accepting preorders on Longclaw! Now now, obviously the order functionality is new, this is our first product, so if you notice any bugs or oddities, please contact us. Also, all pictures are of the prototype and they may change slightly, depending on feedback with them. So Order Now. Please read all the information on the product page before ordering, lots of important stuff there.

Longclaw, At Last

Here is a list of shipping costs for Longclaw by country, these are all the countries people have previously asked about, if your country is not on this list, please speak up.

Countries where the postal service will accept extra large boxes:
USA: $20
Great Britain & Northern Ireland: $70
Canada: $40
Ireland: $70
Italy: $70
France: $70
Germany $70
Switzerland $70
Sweden $70
Holland $70
Austria $70
Belgium $70
Spain: $70
Denmark $70
Luxembourg $70
New Zealand $90
Norway $70

Countries where the postal service has a 42 inch maximum, which means it has to go UPS:

Australia $350
Russia *not yet figured, need addresses
Hungary *not yet figured, need addresses
Singapore *not yet figured, need addresses
Argentina *not yet figured, need addresses
Phillipines *not yet figured, need addresses
Israel *not yet figured, need addresses
Slovenia *not yet figured, need addresses

Countries cannot ship to because swords aren’t allowed by customs, sorry.

In all cases it is advised that customers check with local authorities to make sure they do not need a special license to buy a sword. Also, in almost all cases there will be taxes/duties you will have to pay upon arrival, we have no control over these nor do we know how much they will be. Every country has their own import tax rates.

Okay, here is Needle. The blade will be about 30 inches, we’ve held that up to varying girls around Arya’s age and that seems to be an appropriate length.

We went through quite a few design revisions with Needle. Originally we were going to do a rapier style blade, as I’m sure many of us picture the Braavosi blades to be, however, GRRM pointed out that Mikken was not a Braavosi smith and despite the fact that eventually Arya would be trained by a Braavosi and that Jon meant for her to learn that different style is does not mean Mikken would be up to making a fancy rapier.

So what we have is a very thin bladed sword in that style, but without all the fancier hilt adornments. Mikken’ mark, as it were, is etched on the blade near the hilt.

The best part about Needle is this, it should be much quicker to get to market than Longclaw has been, we don’t need to do any tinkering with funky blade finished to get a Valyrian style, it is just a simple blade. Right now GRRM is in Europe and when he returns hopefully we will have technical drawings for his approval, at which point we’ll be able to start on the prototype for the blade and then hopefully get it released as soon as possible.

We will try to have the blade done in high carbon steel, but there are issues involved in mass production that can dictate the type of metal we use, and we’re not going to want to sacrifice quality in other areas, such as hilt construction, by using high carbon steel.

On the topic of Longclaw, we will start taking preorders by Monday. Initial preorders will be paid by check or money order, the retail price on Longclaw will be $240. Again, the edition size on all of our blades is 2500 pieces, and they all come with autographed COAs as well as edition numbers individually laser etched into the back of the blade. We estimate Longclaw arriving in the 4th quarter of this year. Then hopefully Needle can be available by the first quarter of 2009.