I am not a photographer, it is important you understand that because otherwise these pictures may seem embarrassing to publish. If you want to see the professionally done Longclaw pictures you can do so here. Now, some people have been asking for more, so I thought I’d take my camera out and do some “candid” shots of Longclaw. So here you go:

The Life of Longclaw

Longclaw started one morning going out with his bud, Strider’s Ranger Sword, to do some rangering. Longclaw talked about how they’d do rangering beyond the wall, Strider’s Ranger Sword talked about rangering with the remnant DĂșnedain up north of Rivendell. Both had rangered up in cold northern regions, so they had a lot in common, which was probably why they were best bros.

Zar’roc sword of Eragon tried to tag along with the two real rangers, but they sent him back, explaining he wasn’t cool enough to hang with them.

Later that evening back at Strider’s Ranger Sword’s house Strider’s Ranger Sword invited his girlfriend, Hadhafang, over and had her bring a friend. She brought Glamdring. Hadhafang and Strider’s Ranger Sword were of course all over each other, having been dating since Strider’s Ranger Sword came to Rivendell. But Glamdring and Longclaw hit it off as well. Longclaw was immediately drawn to her nice elven curves and hourglass figure, and Glamdring appreciated a guy with broad shoulders.

They all settled in to watch HBO’s Rome on DVD, and decided it was a very well made series and that they hoped that they’d see the same creativity and skill brought to another series one day…

So Longclaw and Glamdring began dating, one one date they went out to dinner and the movies (they saw 300. Glamdring was bored, Longclaw loved it – taking special interest in the concept of a small group of men defending against a huge army while their country was divided and not providing support.)

After the date they went for a walk and were accosted by Witchking, the leader of the Nazgul, a local biker gang. Longclaw knew a thing or two about fighting the undead, having by in a scrape that cost him his pommel. So he lit the guy up, literally, and taught him a lesson. Glamdring was impressed.

Longclaw and Glamdring’s relationship progressed. One day they went ballroom dancing, and Longclaw got to show Glamdring he wasn’t all brawn, he had a softer and agile side as well. He was castle raised afterall, and had a long history in the halls of great lords, he hadn’t always been a ranger. He charmed her off her feet.

It turns out it was a special night, because Longclaw proposed and Glamdring accepted, they were to be married.

The betrothal was brief, to honor all beliefs, they said their vows in front of the heart tree of Winterfell, and then finished the ceremony in a chapel dedicated to the Maiden. Their friends were all in attendance. It was a good day.

A few months later Glamdring had news, she was pregnant. Longclaw was ecstatic, he thought the rangering life would preclude him from having a family, and now he was married with a little one on the way. They went to the doctor and had an ultrasound done, the ultrasound looked like a little needle… They would have to wait some months though to see their baby in the flesh, erm steel, as it were.

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