It has been awhile since we’ve had an update and so I thought I’d update you guys on things.

Needle’s prototype is done, and is at GRRM’s house right now. He is reviewing it, and as soon as he gives us the go ahead we can start manufacturing and getting the marketing photography done, and then you all can start placing preorders. I do not have shipping cost details yet, but the overall sword price will probably be $190. Again, Needle will be high carbon steel, purists rejoice. So hopefully you can place preorders by early or mid June.

The one issue we’re still niggling over is the length. Is our prototype the appropriate length for Arya Stark? Unfortunately we couldn’t get a hold of Arya for actual testing, she sent a raven saying she was busy in Braavos learning to become an assassin. Not wanting to make her “list” we decided not to press the issue, but unfortunately that meant we had to guess at her height and arm strength, which is somewhat hard. We couldn’t find any local castle-born 8 year old girls either, the Lords around here are all blessed with sons or cursed with teenagers. So, we guess. Hopefully we got it right, or near enough as makes no matter.

Longclaw is still on sale for $40 off. Unfortunately we didn’t sell as many in April as we had hoped (lousy economy) and so we’re continuing the sale. We still want to clear out more room before Needle arrives. We expect (Hope? Pray?) Longclaw and Needle both sell out rapidly once A Dance with Dragon’s is finished, and once the sales pick up the reduced pricing will likely end, so get it while the getting’s good.