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  1. Nathaniel on October 23, 2010 at 10:20 am said:

    Ordered. What a beautiful sword. Cannot wait to see my little brother’s face when he gets this in Feb.

  2. Valyrian, does your pre-order placement determine the number of the sword?

  3. Furthermore, will Sword #1 be auctioned? And finally, what is the likelihood a Damascus version of “Ice” will be released?

  4. We haven’t decided on the auction Grant. It depends, we did it for the regular Longclaw because we found it only long after it got in stock. With Needle we didn’t because we found it right away so shipped it off to the first person who ordered. If we’re able to locate the first Ice as they’re being offloaded it’ll go to the first person who ordered. If we’re unable to do so we may end up auctioning it off later.

    And no, order position does not guarantee edition number. We try to ship low numbers first, but with 2000 swords in cases it is too hard for us to go in actual chronological order.

    We can do it with the damascus because it is only 100 swords.

  5. Congratulations on getting this one mostly wrapped up! Great photo.

    I’d love to see it, Longclaw, and Needle side by side to get a sense of the differing dimensions. :)

  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. As for, “We can do it with the damascus…” Am I correct to infer a damascus version of “Ice” will indeed be released? (Fingers crossed… please don’t make me beg!)

  7. We fully intend to make it one day Grant, but we do not have any confirmed plans to do so right now.

  8. Thank you Valyrian. As eager as I am to purchase this majestic sword right now, I will unwearyingly wait for the Damascus version. Besides, this will give me ample time to “prepare” for the esteemed Damascus #1 auction. In the words of the illustrious Wayne Campbell, “It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine” :)

  9. Looks great. Count me in for the damascus once it’s available.

  10. The sword looks good but, I think that the ‘Winter is coming’ on the hilt is really retarded and ruins it. I would like a version with out that crap on the hilt please.

    If you read the books…

    No where in the books does it say that on the hilt of Ice ‘winter is coming.’ The sword was very old and pased down from the generations. To put winter is coming on the hilt is retarded unless it was mentioned in the books.

    I think GRRM is to caught up in his HBO Game of Thrones to realise that fans want a real Ice sword from the books and not a promotion for his HBO series next year. BTW none of these swords are in the HBO series so lol.

  11. While you appear to be just a troll I’ll answer you anyways.

    No where in the books does it say that Needle has a black grip, that Ice has a white grip, or a fancy mid-grip cuff, or what the pommel shape is. It doesn’t say the style of the crossguard, or of the blade. How many fullers, what kind of taper, I originally though about making it a leaf blade.

    All it says in the books is that Ice is big and Valyrian Steel and the ceremonial sword of House Stark.

    Thats why we work closely with GRRM to design the swords. A dozen hilts, a dozen crossguards, a dozen blade styles. He decides. This is then what Ice officially looks likes in the ASOIAF universe. If George writes a flashback one day about maybe… I don’t know… Ned inheriting Ice from his father, then he might mention the white grip or the writing on the crossguard. The writing, by the way, is something we went with as traditional for a ceremonial sword. A ceremonial sword made for a specific organization will often display the motif of that group. We’ve got the running wolf and the words. Ice wasn’t an off the rack purchase for the Starks, it was custom made for them.

    You may find this interesting:


  12. Can’t wait to recieve this early next year. I can finally take down the generic sword that shares the same wall as Longclaw and replace it with Ice.

  13. Jessica on October 24, 2010 at 12:58 pm said:

    I think it’s a beautiful sword, and I love the overall design. At the risk of being called a troll, I have to agree that the text on the hilt cheapens the look. It’s still a wonderful sword, though.

  14. Nathaniel on October 24, 2010 at 7:08 pm said:

    Heh, that is hilarious. I can’t help but laugh. Poor John, you destroy your own point with your oxymoronic statement. You state the GRRM is using the sword as a promotion for his GoT HBO series then immediately say it is not in the series. How then, could the creation of the sword be associated with the HBO series?
    This is taken from one of the first articles on this site back in March of 2007:
    We are both proud and pleased to announce that we have obtained the exclusive license to produce arm and armor reproductions from George R.R. Martin’s bestselling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire.”
    This is a new business for us and this line of swords will be our first, however we are dedicated to delivering […]

    The books, not the show, period.

    If you do not like the sword then do not order it. If you would like it to look different then put forth the money, time and effort to create one for yourself. I for one, believe that if the author of the series (and hence the creator of the sword) likes the design and puts his seal of approval on it, then the sword is a true representation of his creation.

  15. Dwayne on October 25, 2010 at 7:54 am said:

    I can’t say for sure (maybe valyrian can comment) but for those of you who don’t like the inscription it is probably only on one side – turn the sword around when you are displaying it!

    I think I may have to break down and get Ice while I wait eagerly for the damascus version!

  16. The writing is on both sides.

    I’m not entirely sure why some people do not like the writing, but isn’t an advertisement for the HBO series.

    Sure, there is the Winter is Coming blog, there is HBO’s usage of the words in their trailer, but that is not why we’re using them. Our decision to use them predates all of those things as I remember it.

    These aren’t just random words, they are the motto of House Stark. They would appear on every piece of heraldry of House Stark that hangs in Winterfell. They would be on Ned’s signet ring (if he has one, I assume so) they would be on tombs, headstones, etc.

    As Ice is the ceremonial sword of House Stark it is both appropriate to the series and historically accurate to the real equivalent time period GRRM is working off of, that it would include the House’s heraldry in some way.

    You are of course welcome to dislike it because you just dislike it, but please don’t dislike it because you think it was just randomly put up there or done so as an advertisement or tie in. It was done purposefully as part of the answer to the question “What would the ceremonial sword of the King in the North look like?”

  17. Ordered! I can’t wait for February!

  18. Fletch on October 26, 2010 at 5:55 am said:

    I am another who will wait for the Damascus version.

  19. I wanted to compare size of Ice with the Longclaw so I use both pictures and rescale them using plaques as reference; now I only need confirmation that plaques for both swords would be of the same size?

  20. Alexander on October 26, 2010 at 6:53 am said:

    +1 for waiting the damascus Ice.

  21. Marin, Longclaw’s overall length is 39″ and Ice is 55″ or 4’7″. That’s a big sword.

  22. Yeah, I saw it is 55″ long, that is big indeed! I just wanted to create visual image, because Longclaw is also very big sword but it is amazing how small it looks compared to Ice, very impressive! I am not able at the moment but I hope that I would order it somewhere on late December

  23. Just for clarification, Longclaw’s blade length is 39, Ice’s overall length is 55, its apples to oranges.

    Longclaw is actually ~50 inches wolf ears to blade point. So Ice is 5 inches longer. And yes, Longclaw is a big sword in its own right, a hand a half sword.

  24. Oops, sorry about that. Just re-read the stats page on both of them and Ice does say “Overall Length” and Longclaw says “Blade Length.” Didn’t want to breed any confusion there.

  25. Also, I just wanted to know what the blade-length on Ice was.

  26. That looks great but I’ll wait for the Damascus. Wish I could trade in my Longclaw for the Damascus version.

  27. I couldnt help it.. I ordered it too. Damn you valyrian! Stop making such great items please.


  28. I love it! Bring on the WARHAMMER!

  29. Valyrian:
    What is the approx. weight for this? Do you know?

  30. The “Winter Is Coming” on the crossguard has grown on me. As big as the blade is, and especially the hilt (which is AWESOME!!) is, I don’t feel like it stands out too much. If the script had been colored or otherwise made to stand out even more, well, that would be different. But I can understand how people may feel a little burned out with “Winter Is Coming” on everything. I have Longclaw and Needle side by side, with Ice to soon be added, and that will indeed be a lot of “Winter Is Coming”. But when VS starts producing other blades/weapons from other houses, it will mix things up nicely, and I can’t wait for the others. Great work Valyrian Steel!!! Keep making them, I’ll keep buying!!

  31. Hey Guys,

    If you want a damascus Ice you should probably get a regular one because if Valyrian Steel goes out of business because they can’t sell enough regular Ice’s you’re probably not going to get a damascus one.

    Remember that the replica sword business isn’t like Walmart. The profit margin isn’t that great and bankrupcy is always around the corner.

    Support them as much as you can, the future is not guaranteed.


  32. Exactly. I’m sick of all this Damascus whining. Go buy a Damascus sword somewhere else and stop bogging VS down with Damascus requests! I mean really!! “Wah, I’m not buying Ice until there is a Damascus one, wah!” Don’t ruin it for the rest of us who want wall hangers to simply display!! Jeez.

  33. To me, the people willing to wait for Damascus versions are just showing they are willing to spend even more money to keep VS in business. I don’t see anyone crying about it at all. The only person with “Wah” in their post is you. Well now I have it in there too…So I guess you and I are the only people whining…

    For the record, I bought Longclaw in its original version and am patiently waiting for my damascus to show up. I am contemplating doing the same with Ice, but I am not sure I can sell my girlfriend on the idea! So given the choice, which we HAVE been given, I choose to wait patiently for the damascus.

  34. CleartheBall on November 5, 2010 at 11:29 am said:

    I really love all the designs. My one suggestion would be to make these with carbon steel and a full tang. I bought needle because it included these features. When I buy a display sword, I like it to be a weapon. While I would likely never use it as such, it should still be a real sword. Otherwise, I could just as well put a picture of a sword on my wall. If you make another carbon steel, full tang version of anything, I’m in. Otherwise, I’ll just keep looking at your site to see the beautiful designs.

  35. steve on April 1, 2011 at 8:10 pm said:

    Hi stumbled on this looking for updates on dance with dragons and finally that pudding of an author has pulled his finger out yay! Question what is the difference with the damuscus make of sword is it made in a lower quantity then other productions more expensive ?? How much will ice cost $$$

  36. Matt Cook on April 10, 2011 at 1:38 pm said:

    I see the expected date of this is now JUNE (it was February before) – what’s the deal? Is that a firm date, or will it slip again? I ordered this when I first saw it, months before Xmas even, and expecting to have it in the early part of 2011, but it’s now April. And all the while, you’ve had my cash. Not the best customer experience, guys… You didn’t even send me an email telling me that there would be a delay. =(

  37. Sorry, delays happen, we’ve been posting on the news blog here when there is a delay. But they’re typical. Some manufacturers don’t give out release dates (because this happens all the time) we try to, but we’re invariably wrong. Like with Damascus Longclaw some people waited nearly 18 months.

    Believe me, we’re trying our best, no one wants the sword in your hands as much as we do. As always, if you get tired of waiting, you’re entitled to a refund.

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