I want to issue a heartfelt thanks to all our patient customers. It took us far longer than anyone imagined to reach this point, but Damascus Longclaws are finally starting to ship. I have approximately 67 to ship out, which means, thanks to a handful of cancellations, everyone who has ordered thus far should get a sword shipped to them. The rest will be here in a couple months, and accompanying them should be Ice.

Some people placed their order for this Longclaw over a year ago, so thank you again for your patience. We’re only making 100 of these, and they’re gorgeous. There is not a doubt in my mind that in years to come you’ll see these on eBay for a couple thousand dollars each. Of course, before someone sues me, I’m not promising an appreciation on your investment like that, just my opinion based on my experience in the collectible sword industry. And I hope it happens, because that will be a nice reward for those of you who have been so patient. Even if I’m sure most of you plan to never sell.

I hope to have much more new product news in the coming month. Things are starting to happen faster now. It is an exciting time.

Also, a reminder to all, damascus steel is not stainless steel, you must maintain it. Beware of fingerprints, water, and ambient humidity. The blades ship with a protective oil coat. We are also including a polish you can use to remove any tarnish that may happen in the future if you do not protect it. This isn’t our product, but we bought a bunch to include in your boxes for you as a bonus. It isn’t what you should use to protect it though, get a knife oil or a mineral oil and every time you put it up for display rub the blade down with it.