The Damascus Longclaw has sold out. We have a small buffer in case of damaged ones, and there is always a chance of an order cancellation between now and when the final shipment ships. So, when it is all said and done, we may end up with 3 units or so.

So, here is what we’re going to do. If you want an option of purchasing one of those leftovers, post in the comments of this blog post that you want to be on the wait list. Then, we’ll just manually contact people on the wait list, in order, if we have any extra after fulfilling all existing orders.

Update We’ve got more than enough people on the list, we’re likely to have less than 5 units available, and there is like 30 people waiting now. So, no need to get your hopes up and add any new names. The stainless Longclaw is going to be the only option for most of you. With Ice, we’ll make more damascus ones.