This is pretty sweet. The Big Bang Theory is a very popular comedy on CBS, millions and millions of viewers, one of the top shows on TV. Also critically acclaimed, if you watched Peter Dinklage win his Game of Thrones Emmy for Best Supporting Actor you saw the actor who plays Sheldon in this show win Best Actor (in a Comedy) as well.

Anyways… so we find out today that they’re using Longclaw as a prop in this week’s episode. We didn’t send this sword to them (knowingly) so we just found out today through a fan’s tip. I have no idea if they will mention the sword’s name, or where it is from, or where to buy it, but the exposure alone is amazing. Can you imagine what product placement would typically cost in a show like that? And it looks like they’re going to be spending time on this sword, it isn’t merely a cereal box sitting on the counter. So we’re really excited.

Also, this hasn’t been covered anywhere so I’d mention it here. On last weeks Grey’s Anatomy on ABC they mentioned A Song of Ice and Fire. Specifically one of the doctors was compared to a certain Dothraki princess. This was a bit of a pop culture episode, there was a stampede at a comic convention, so they had other references, such as Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. That was pretty much it. A Song of Ice and Fire (not, Game of Thrones, they used the book series title). Star Wars, and LOTR. Pretty good company to keep. Westeros is everywhere. Now I’m waiting for Community on NBC to do a themed episode.

Anyways, here are the pictures from the Big Bang Theory:

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