Warhammers have gone out to all backorders. We have a few left in stock only, the second shipment of these is due next week though so there shouldn’t be any interruption in availability.

There is a problem with some warhammers though, the top spike, which acts as a cap for the nut that holds the head on, was supposed to be attached with automotive grade epoxy, but a bad batch was mixed and on some warhammers the spike did not adhere properly. Not all of them, just some of them. Around 300 went out before this problem was discovered and a portion of those will have loose spikes. We’re now checking this on each one before it ships. If you receive one with this issue we must apologize for the inconvenience and we have a couple options for you. We can do an exchange, we can send you epoxy putty so you can fix it, or if you have some already around the house you can just fix it yourself, it is very straightforward and once glued back it will be indistinguishable from others.