We have three regular edition Ice Swords left. These sold out a couple months ago, however one was returned because the recipient refused delivery (and we’ve been unable to reach him to find out why), one was returned because it was an International shipment and it was rejected by customs agents during import (apparently that country doesn’t allow swords), the third we had accidentally shipped to someone who had ordered Needle, and he was kind enough to let us know and returned it. So they’re all new swords still, but the boxes are a little beat up from the back and forth shipping. We’ve waited to make sure none of the people who ordered the sword had it lost in shipping or damaged or something, and no such reports have been made, so we’re releasing these final 3 via auction.

So there will be three auctions in succession for these three swords, and these are truly the last of the stainless steel Ices.

The first auction is up now.