I need to announce two things.

1. Longclaw is now available for wholesale ordering. If you’re a retailer and you haven’t been contacted by us yet, contact us if you wish to carry the sword, contact us soon if you wish to have it by Christmas.

2. Needle will be high carbon steel.

7 Thoughts on “Needle Update & Longclaw Wholesale

  1. YES!!! Good call on Needle. Put me down for several. =) Available for xmas next year maybe?

  2. GreenGoose on November 19, 2008 at 4:05 pm said:

    So down for a high carbon needle!

  3. I’m new to functional/carbon swords, so I was wondering if Needle will have the option to be sharpened by you guys at VS? Not that I plan on sparring with it or anything, but I’d be interested to see what it could do to a watermelon! (And then rushing to clean it off:))

  4. needle will be sharp by default, though, perhaps not razor sharp, if you wanted to improve upon it, and before you have any ideas of cutting a watermelon in half, remember, Needle is a thrusting weapon, stick it with the pointy end.

  5. Sure, I read this about a week ago…but I’m commenting now!

    Great to hear about Needle. This’ll make it stand out next to Longclaw and Ice, hulking lengths of stainless steel that they are/will be.

    Looking at the question asked above, I presume Longclaw will be blunted, correct? Being stainless steel, and all…

  6. Kudos on the “Stick them with the pointy end” reminder! I actually felt like you guys were chiding me like Jon to Arya! Definitely no more aspirations of fruit splitting here with Needle:) But maybe a quick jab at an apple…

  7. What is a guess as to when Needle might be ready for order? Thanks!

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