Most domestic orders for Longclaw have shipped out (a few people requested delays). We’ll be putting your tracking numbers into the system just as soon as possible, but possibly not until tommorow morning, but they all went out.

International, now it is looking like they may not go out until after Christmas unfortunately. See, we had all the domestic orders shipped from the port to save time so they could arrive before Christmas, we didn’t ship them ourselves. But the people at the port can’t do international, so we need to wait to ship the international ones until we get the delivery, which will take a week or so. Then with all the holiday days off between now and then a week of business days is a week and a half of actual days so we may not have them in our possession to ship until after Christmas.

Longclaw is in stock. Order your’s now if you haven’t yet.

Domestic orders will ship out on Monday, in plenty of time for Christmas.

International orders I’m afraid will be another week, and likely will not make it by Christmas, the warehouse where the swords are at right now can only ship out domestically, a portion will be moved to another location for the International shipping, but that’ll take a week or so for the transit.

We hope to start shipping Longclaw to customers around Dec 16th or 17th. I wish it could be sooner but thats that. That is going to really push Christmas delivery.

In light of this we’ve added an air shipping option to checkout allowing customers to choose air shipping. This is for domestic orders only, and should result in delivery 1 day after we ship it, which vastly increases the chances of Christmas delivery.

For people who have already placed orders, again domestic orders only, who would like to upgrade, we’ll have to process those requests manually, you’ll have to contact us.