Most domestic orders for Longclaw have shipped out (a few people requested delays). We’ll be putting your tracking numbers into the system just as soon as possible, but possibly not until tommorow morning, but they all went out.

International, now it is looking like they may not go out until after Christmas unfortunately. See, we had all the domestic orders shipped from the port to save time so they could arrive before Christmas, we didn’t ship them ourselves. But the people at the port can’t do international, so we need to wait to ship the international ones until we get the delivery, which will take a week or so. Then with all the holiday days off between now and then a week of business days is a week and a half of actual days so we may not have them in our possession to ship until after Christmas.

79 Thoughts on “Longclaw has Shipped

  1. Mike Lazarus on December 18, 2008 at 8:18 pm said:


  2. The Salmon on December 19, 2008 at 5:33 am said:

    Where are the domestic orders shipping from? Just so I can roughly estimate the time frame. Thanks

  3. UPS, FedEx, or USPS? Thanks!

  4. Dreamer on December 19, 2008 at 8:54 am said:

    Just curious…is Canada considered “domestic” or “international” by your standards :)

  5. imurchia on December 19, 2008 at 9:16 am said:

    I got the one i ordered yesterday…it is absolutely awesome and I can’t wait for my husband to open up on christmas…thanks for doing an awesome job

  6. Canada is International.

  7. And fedex ground.

    Glad you like it Imurchia, tell your friends!

  8. Jason H on December 19, 2008 at 3:39 pm said:

    Why is it shipping from LA if you guys are headquartered in Lansing, MI?

    Great news anyway. Merry Christmas Folks!

  9. imurchia on December 19, 2008 at 3:47 pm said:

    thanks…I definately will

  10. I had ordered this for my son for Christmas, it was the only thing he asked for, and when i checked on status it showed that the order was cancelled. Then my credit card statement arrived and Lo and Behold… There was the charge on my statement for the Longclaw sword…
    Please someone, call me!!! My number is in log info.

    I am QUITE upset… Not good business practice.

  11. Just letting everyone know we got Wilma’s order straightened out for her.

  12. So, when international orders are shipping “after Christmas,” are we talking about between Christmas and the New Year, or after the New Year? Since only some businesses take that whole period off, I thought to ask. So I can judge when in January I might see it…

    Regardless, Merry Christmas to everyone at Valyrian Steel, Jalic, and whoever else is reading this! :)

  13. hello all, wher would our tracking # be, mine wasnt in an email, thx for responce..

  14. we’re still entering all the numbers but if we have done yours you can see it by logging into your account.

  15. I’m just wondering if most people’s order status still says “processing,” or if mine still hasn’t shipped yet.

  16. Mine says out for delivery today! Good News for me :)

  17. All tracking numbers have been sent out.

    We’ve got a lot of questions about the numbers, and yes, FEDEX messed up. They forgot to come pick up the boxes last week (literally forgot).

    FEDEX Express is pretty good, but FEDEX ground uses independent contractors and like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re to get. We prefer UPS.

    So that is why many of your tracking numbers show no scan activity. Try again tonight. I’m really sorry for the delay, it seems as if everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. For those of you who want to put this under the tree if it doesn’t arrive in time, perhaps print out a picture and let them know that it’ll come the next week, with our deepest apologies.

  18. Thought I owed everyone at Valyrian an apology for my email on Dec 20. I am usually not that rude but anyone can understand my surprise on all fronts.
    BUT, I called the number listed on Valyrian website and spoke with Chris.. He was very helpful with my order, we still can’t figure out what happened with my original order, and the sword will be shipped out overnight air.. At a cost to me. But it is Christmas and it will be worth it.

  19. Mine was originally scheduled to be delivered today.. I even took the day off of work to be here to accept delivery. This morning I find that delivery is rescheduled for Saturday! :(

    Damn FedEx!

  20. My order still shows processing. I’m wondering if APOs counted as over seas? I have some time and plenty of patience so I’m not overly concerned, just excited and anxious :)

  21. Cortny Woodworth on December 23, 2008 at 11:12 am said:

    Maybe I’m stupid, but where do I find “account” info and my tracking number. I ordered the sword the first week it was available, by money order, and now wonder if my order was processed at all. Help!

  22. I have the same problem as “Jake”. It was scheduled for delivery today, but now Saturday. It took 4 days for a pickup? If FedEx is at fault they need to address the issue and Express Ship these to people who thought about giving these as gifts Thursday morning.

    Dec 22, 2008 7:08 PM
    Arrived at FedEx location CARSON, CA

    5:26 PM Picked up CARSON, CA

    Dec 18, 2008 12:14 PM
    Package data transmitted to FedEx

  23. Yes, APO counts as overseas.

    Fedex is at fault, but they don’t consider themselves at fault for missing a pickup, not according to their terms. This is why FEDEX doesn’t get business from us if we can help it, they have poor customer service.

    Courtney, your tracking number has been emailed again.

  24. Could you mail me my tracking number?

    Thank you

  25. What I don’t understand is, if FedEx “messed up” and “forgot” to pick up the boxes on the 18th, why weren’t they alerted on the 19th (Friday)? Where was the follow up from Valyrian Steel? Why was it only realized the week after? This particularly burns because we paid weeks in advance!

  26. They actually forgot twice. Thursday they didn’t show, Friday they showed but forgot their scanners and couldn’t accept the packages.

    It is incredibly frustrating for us as well as you.

  27. Mike Lazarus on December 23, 2008 at 8:21 pm said:

    Just got mine today. Congrats on peice 1! I look forward for more to come. I’ve been sick for the past 2 days but I feel like a million bucks now. Thanks again.

  28. no need to complain, we’ve been waiting since the summer to get these swords, we can wait the extra few days it takes to get them. It isn’t even Valyrian’s fault, if you want to complain, whine at Fedex

  29. Mine arrived today, beautiful sword. Can’t wait until Needle and Ice are available.

  30. Leitbur on December 24, 2008 at 3:39 am said:

    Just got mine today, it is a great looking sword. I was just wondering, are these swords numbered? It looks like on the certificate a number is supposed to go there, but I see nothing.

  31. For those trying to find their order status, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a login screen on these pages. Here is the direct link…

    FYI if you hit shop, the store front has the loging button.

  32. The sword is laser inscribed on the back, and the COA should be numbered, is yours not?

  33. My sword is laser inscribed with a number – however my COA has a spot where this number should go which is blank. No big deal..great sword!

  34. My COA isn’t numbered either, but the sword is. Just wondering if there would be anything wrong with writing it in myself? And if so whats the standard ink? I’m thinking I’ll just use a black sharpie.

  35. Ordered mine 3 months ago, and for the past week the tracking is showing the sword in CA. I live in SC, so I guess it will take a few more days? Why is it staying in CA for so many days? This is bad.
    Glad others have gotten theirs, but I wonder why mine is still thousands of miles away?

  36. Leitbur on December 26, 2008 at 3:40 am said:

    I also found the number on my sword but the COA does not have a number on it, my sword is #740.

  37. Did those of you that have received your sword pay for the extra overnight shipping?
    Has anyone gotten the sword who just used regular shipping? I do not mind waiting a few extra days, but it has been stuck in CA for 4 days now, and even with the holidays, it should have moved one state closer in 4 days.
    I just want to make sure it is still on the way, not lost in transit. Thanks!

  38. MP, I got my sword on the 23rd, with regular shipping, but I live in CA so I’m not sure if that helps you. Also, my COA isn’t numbered either.

  39. Thanks. That might be why. It is a shame the shipping ended up this way, but as long as I get it soon, I will be sure to continue to order the next swords.

  40. Rebecca on December 26, 2008 at 8:10 pm said:

    MP — mine is in Memphis right now, and it was in CA until the 23rd. You’re not alone.

  41. Rebecca on December 26, 2008 at 8:13 pm said:

    Valyrian — sorry to double post, but is it possible to offer other shipping options with Needle? I mean, if someone wants to pay the fees to get it overnighted to them, is that feasible for you guys to implement that? I know that if I had that option, I would definitely be tempted by it (simply because I’m an impatient snot)! Just a question, and if it’s not possible, I understand — I know you guys are a small company, and it may not be something you guys are set up to handle yet. I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask, though. :)

  42. Valyrian-My tracking # shows “pickup data transmitted” but no pick up. Are some of the orders not shipped yet? Thanks

  43. Ok, mine has finally left CA and is on it’s way. Wow, Max, I hope yours gets worked out and is not sitting in CA still.
    I know the folks at Valyrian have a few days to enjoy the holidays, but hopefully they can respond soon to some of the issues we are having, including the COA #’s.
    Even a few brief responses would help.
    I’m sure it will all work out.
    I’m just like Rebecca and cannot wait much more after all these months. :)

  44. Rebecca on December 27, 2008 at 2:27 pm said:

    I got a pleasant surprise this morning — the sword had made it all the way to my city, and it was delivered a little before noon today. MP, I hope you get a similar surprise and soon!

    As for the sword? Oh my gosh…. Even my daughter’s home health nurse was amazed by it, and since she’s not into fantasy and the like, that’s amazing. :)

    I love the effect of Valyrian steel, the etching that is done. I didn’t realize that there would be such a distinct texture to the blades — I thought they simply would be similar to being painted on. This, obviously, is much better!

    I also don’t have a number on my COA, but do have one on the blade. If I can take a Sharpie and just write the number in, that’ll work for me, but I want to make sure I use the right ink, so I’m waiting for you guys to weigh in here.

    Yes, the shipping stunk, and yes, I was disappointed by the fact that the sword didn’t make it here for Christmas Eve (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t). But seeing the sword today has made me just so ecstatic, words cannot describe it. All the disappointments are simply gone. I am looking forward to seeing (and ordering) Needle.

    Best wishes to you all, VS. I hope the upcoming year is a fantastic one!

  45. Kallisto ( ITALY ) on December 27, 2008 at 7:27 pm said:

    Can some Knight or Lady of Westeros upload some photos depicting the sword, in particular the hilt and the knob ( in imageshack or other host service ) or if you have time and determination can write a review, thanks.

    Sorry for my bad English.


  46. Valyrian–Longclaw arrived this evening-FEDEX had assigned a different tracking # than the first. A beautiful sword! Look forward to the next ones. Thanks

  47. Does Longclaw have a full tang?

  48. OK guys, I got it. Looks sweet. I will stop freeking out now. :)
    Do you think it can be sharpened, or will it mess up the finish on the rest of the sword?
    (By causing it to begin to peel off at the edges)

  49. Hopefully by now everyone has figured out the shipping. It is possible, due to the vagaries of mass data entry, that some people have been sent the wrong tracking numbers, but if anyone still shows their sword as being unshipped as on Monday night, please, let us know.

    As for the COA’s, apparently the factory forgot the enumerate them while packaging the swords. Feel free to write your own number in, using whichever tool you desire, there is no official way.

  50. I am just wondering what is going on with the orders i still have not received a shipping number and i ordered and payed for the sword like the first weak pre orders were announced when you still had to send a check in

  51. Jason H on December 29, 2008 at 3:38 pm said:

    So my order says its still in transit from Bloomington Ca. as off the 23rd. I think FedEx may have changed my tracking number. Is there anyway to find out?

  52. The Salmon on December 29, 2008 at 4:44 pm said:

    still nothing…

    thank god, needle is next, since I won’t be ordering that…hopefully, the shipping issues are sorted out by the time Ice is made…

  53. Jason that is normal. You gotta remember all the truckers had the 24th, 25th, 27th, and 28th off, and I’m willing to bet most had the 26th too. The trip by truck from California to the midwest is 4 or 5 business days, and with the holidays there haven’t been enough working business days yet.

    Kevin, if you email us more order details (like your last name) I can check our records. That goes for Mr. Salmon as well.

  54. I took some quick pics of Longclaw and threw them up on Flickr..So feel free to check them out.

    I have to say this is my first replica sword so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I am really impressed with the quality and look of the sword. The pommel was bigger than I thought it would be and looked even better in person (which I was a little worried about).
    I look forward to buying more ASOIAF swords in the future! Good job Valyrian Steel!

  55. Hanselman on December 29, 2008 at 10:03 pm said:

    I set up mine for a local pick up there in Lansing. Any chance that I can come get it yet?

  56. Rebecca on December 30, 2008 at 4:48 am said:

    My husband has a couple of pics up on Facebook of Longclaw, and I think it shows the finish nicely in a couple of them —

    We are both very pleased with how it turned out, and I am hoping that everyone still waiting on theirs will be receiving a visit from FedEx soon!

  57. Mathias Tolotti on December 30, 2008 at 6:44 am said:

    Are there some news about international orders?

    Thank you!

  58. Charles T on December 30, 2008 at 9:02 am said:

    I had expected the sword to arrive by now, as New Years Eve is tomrorow. So I decided to take a peek in my account and see if I could look up the tracking number. When I click the track this order link, I get a 404 url error. Does this mean my sword has not yet even shipped? Or some other problem?

  59. I wonder the same Mathias…any news about international orders? :)

    Thx in advance and happy new year everyone!

    Best Regards!

  60. Kallisto ( ITALY ) on December 30, 2008 at 12:53 pm said:

    Thank you to Jason and Rebecca for pics; this sword is wonderful and pommel is better in your photos. only a question , what is best method of maintaining the sword ??


  61. Hello, i was wondering is it still possible to order this sword, and can it be shiped to Croatia?

  62. Of course you may still place an order, but shipping to croatia is very expensive. atleast $350.

  63. I got my sword in the mail today through ground shipping, and I absolutely love it. It’s so awesome. I cannot wait for Needle; :D

  64. Rebecca on December 30, 2008 at 8:13 pm said:

    Kallisto, someone I know mentioned this stuff to me: but I don’t have any personal experience with it, just what someone else has said.

    VS, any input on this? I’m sure Kallisto (and I) can’t be the only ones wondering about how best to care for Longclaw (and the other purchases we’re going to make).

  65. It is stainless steel, you shouldn’t have to use anything. That is a polish you could use if one day you get marks on the blade, but that should be years.

    Just do your best to keep fingerprints off the blade, and if touched wipe it down with a soft cloth afterwards.

    Now with Needle, it is a different story, Needle you’ll want to keep oiled and polished or it could rust being high carbon steel, Longclaw though is stainless and it really resists rusting. I have a stainless blade that has hung on a wall for 15 years and it only has a few tiny specs of discoloration, no special treatment.

  66. Any update as to when international shipping will go ahead? I notice a few people have asked this, but no answer has been given. Time keeps going by and as this was ordered as a surprise Christmas present it would be nice to know when it is likely to arrive. (My husband wonderes why he didn’t get much for Christmas)

  67. We expect to get the Longclaws here on Monday or Tuesday, and ship them out to International customers on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  68. Mathias Tolotti on December 31, 2008 at 8:12 am said:

    Great! Thank you!

  69. Kallisto ( ITALY ) on December 31, 2008 at 8:40 am said:

    For the maintenance of the sword in ansi 420 stainless steel, that contain a small amount of carbon (similar to the LOTR swords of which possess Anduril limited edition and Hadhafang, sword of Arwen) to a specialized forum recommend every two or three months the use of vaseline oil for oenology or oil baby johnson without buying products more expensive. It should be soaked a paper towel, and after having been treated with the oil, must be gently pass over a cotton cloth on the sword. While the swords with high carbon steel you should be used appropriate Hanwei oil also used for katana.

    you remember very dangerous are fingerprints, in fact on my Hadhafang there are first signs of rust.

    PS: sorry for my bad English.

  70. Just thought I’d let everyone know that I got my sword and I’m very impressed. It’s very high quality and is definately on of the better swords in my collection, along with Anduril and Glamdring. I will be buying more products from Valyrian Steel in the future. Happy New Year folks!

  71. Valyrian,
    Does anyone know if sharpening the sword will effect the finish on the rest of the blade? Should it be ok?
    Also, when do you expect Needle to be ready?

  72. It will really depend on the skill of the sharpener, because of the blade texture it may end up looking funny, which is why we’re not offering it, but it is your sword and so your call. If you mess it up, you can always buy a second one. (we don’t mind, honest).

    As for Needle, right now it is scheduled for July – but considering the delays we’ve had with Longclaw please don’t take that as anything firm (if anything, it’ll be a miracle to get them in July). Needle JUST entered the prototyping phase. We still have to get the prototype done, get final approval on it from GRRM, then we can start production.

  73. Mathias Tolotti on December 31, 2008 at 2:40 pm said:

    Can you assume someone to start a parallel prototyping phase on Ice? =) =)

  74. Blitzkrieg on December 31, 2008 at 6:00 pm said:

    I’m on vacation and can’t wait to get home to see my sword. I’m sure this has been addressed… Am i right in assuming that i “own the rights” to purchase all subsequent swords of the same number series?

    Not that it really matters, but it would be nice to have all my swords the same number, regardless of what that number is.


  75. Rebecca on December 31, 2008 at 6:45 pm said:

    Blitz, this has been addressed already — no, you don’t “own the rights.” You get what you get. Someone else asked about this in a previous blog post, and VS said that they couldn’t do that for each piece released. Sorry, man. :(

  76. Rebecca speaks the truth, or near enough as makes no matter.

    Some collectors make it a mission to try to get identical numbers, and you’re welcome to try by buying on the secondary market, trading with others, etc, but it isn’t something we can do.

  77. Timmi Rudolph on December 31, 2008 at 8:31 pm said:

    Received my Longclaw yesterday.

    This is a fantastic start for Valyrian Steel. The dimensions and, in particular, the blade finish is simply amazing. This is an instant winner and goes way up in the favorites of my sword collection.

    Can’t wait for upcoming products. THANK YOU!!!!

  78. Jason W on January 1, 2009 at 6:33 pm said:

    I received mine on the 27th. I ran into the same delay issues as Jake, Todd and COA issues as others. And while I’m not happy with Fedex, I am very happy with Valyrian Steel and the quality of the sword. I’m looking forward to Needle.

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