Kit Harrington doesn’t have to be the only person suiting up as Jon Snow this fall, you could be too.

First, you need pants, you could buy these or just wear some black pants you have laying around the house.

You’ll need a jerkin or some other top as well. this one is very dark brown but it matches the style seen in a lot of ASOIAF artwork with Jon Snow, so I grant a pass.

For a more military look consider buying this leather armor and layering it over this black chainmail shirt.

It is cold in the North, you need a fur coat or cloak or something. Any fabric store will have faux black fur, get a couple yards, toss it over your shoulder, and you’re good to go. For something fancier, perhaps for Lord Commander Jon Snow, you can find nicer ones such as this on ebay. If you’re at all crafty you can easily make your own by buying genuine fur on ebay as well. Give it a crude stitch up with leather cord, something Yoren might have made for a new recruit perhaps, and call it good.

Finally, of course, you’ll need a weapon. I recommend Longclaw. You’ll also want a scabbard to slip it into, and a back harness to hold it all in place.

Then of course you’ll need to walk around explaining who you are, and perhaps buddy up with someone with a large white dog. But rest assured, once the HBO series is released and takes the world by storm you’ll be known as the guy who was ahead of the coolness curve.

9 Thoughts on “Be Jon Snow for Halloween

  1. Brilliant. I was wondering about who to go as.

    I’ve got to assume that Jon has at least some form of facial hair, though. It makes sense for everyone to have facial hair.

    Except for Sansa. I wouldn’t put it past Arya to try growing a beard once or twice.

  2. Also, you forgot footwear. It really wouldn’t make sense to go around as a relatively medieval character wearing combat boots or Nikes.

    Then again, and I quote Morgan Freeman here, how often do you really look at a man’s shoes?

  3. You shouldn’t have linked me to a site that sells leather jerkins. They’re so unnecessary, I might just have to get one! :D

    I can imagine how great it’d be to be property attired when I go to George’s book signing in Dublin… I’d be quite a sight standing with a 50” sword in the middle of O’Connell Street. Before I got arrested anyway! ;)

  4. Be authentic, don’t buy that crappy butted mail.

    If the Night’s Watch had worn butted mail, their casualty figures would have been even higher than they were. :P

  5. There is nothing inauthentic about butted mail. Sure, it doesn’t have the performance (or cost) of rivets, but that doesn’t make it inauthentic.

  6. hi will needle be done this month? or shipped?

  7. Done? Supposed to be. Shipped? With the logistics and whatnot it takes about 4-6 weeks from production completion to order fulfillment, so probably November.

  8. ok thx

  9. The Night’s Watch is (was) a fairly professional fighting force and not a peasant militia. Butted mail would definitely be inappropriate for them.

    The increase in protection that riveted mail offers is definitely worth the extra labour and cost involved in its manufacture. However, since you are unlikely to run into wildlings intent on doing you in at the average Halloween party, butted mail should suffice for costume purposes. :P

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