Looks like Needle will not be here until like the third week of December, this is going to make it very very hard to get it to customers by Christmas, we’re going to try our best though. For those who bought it as a Christmas gift, our apologies, it should still arrive before new years for domestic orders, and just after the first of the year for International customers.

For Longclaw, here are your Christmas order dates:

Christmas falls on a Friday this year, making the last day for deliveries Thursday the 24th. People on the East Coast should order by Friday the 18th or Thursday the 17th if they use ground shipping. People on the West Coast should order by the 21st, maybe the 22nd.

International customers should give at least one more week to be safe, so please order by the 11th. Canadian customers, being much closer than European customers, could maybe wait a few more days, but that time of year Customs offices are busy and so you should plan on packages taking a little longer than usual.

10 Thoughts on “Needle Update & Christmas Shipping Information

  1. Thanks for the update, I figured they would be late just like with Longclaw. I’m not dissapointed though. Can’t wait to get my sword :)

  2. Is it possible to get my shipping address changed for Needle? I have it going to my school address, but I graduate and won’t ever be there again after next week. It would be great if I could get it shipped to my parents’ house.

  3. email us your new address

  4. Thanks!!
    What email address should I send it to?

  5. Is all the snow and such the East coast is getting going to affect shipping to us over here?

  6. IT shouldn’t but at this point, if you want your Longclaw delivered by Christmas, you need to select air shipping.

  7. I have been patiently waiting for the Needle. The third week in December has come and gone. Is there a problem with my order or has there been yet another delay in shipping? I examined my account history on your site and there is no indication that the sword has been shipped.

  8. Needle docks on 12/24. We hope to start shipping to people on 12/28 or 12/29. International about a week later.

  9. Can you please provide an update on shipping Needle and if there is a hope my Christmas present will arrive on time. Have the international orders been shipped yet? Thank you.

  10. Nothing has shipped, we took Christmas delivery off the table back in late November, they just didn’t get done in time. We hope to ship to international people the first week of January. I’m sorry, but let them know their gift will be a little late.

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