The Damascus version of Ice will go on sale October 1st at 12 Noon Eastern US Time. There tends to be some competition for ordering these products and so we’re announcing the exact date and time in advance.

The first person ordering will get dibs on #2, the second dibs on #3, and so on. You can request a higher number than you’re order slot, but not a lower number. #1 will be auctioned on eBay soon. If you plan on bidding in the auction we still recommend purchasing a sword in this release, if you win the auction you we will then just switch your number to #1. If you do not win the auction you would still have a fall back though.

The order page is up now so you can view pictures and product information. But it isn’t able to be ordered from yet.

We get questions from time to time about sword maintenance. This post will henceforth serve as a location for such information.

Presently we make swords out of three materials, maintenance needs will depend on the material.

Stainless Steel

If your sword is made from stainless steel, such as Longclaw or book Ice it needs almost no maintenance. Stainless steel isn’t fully rust proof, over a very long period of time it can still show some corrosion. You should do your best to keep it out of water and keep fingerprints off it. The acid in a fingerprint can, if left on the blade over a long period (months, years), still mark it. But generally, hanging up, unless someone touches it, you need to do nothing.

High Carbon Steel

If your sword is made from high carbon steel, such as book Needle, show Ice, Robb Sword, or anything in Damascus it needs maintenance. Ambient humidity can cause pitting, as well as actual water and finger prints. The blade should be wiped with a soft cloth after any handling, and you should keep it oiled or waxed regularly. Mineral oil works, as well as any oil sold or labeled for use with knives or guns, do not use a vegetable oil. For a more long term solution a product called Renaissance Wax is available. If the sword becomes pitted or rusted you will need to polish it with a product like Metal Glo or Bar Keeper’s Friend. The Bar Keeper’s Friend powder (get the powder kind) works very well with a scrubbing sponge (such as Scotch Brite) at removing rust or pitting. Just make sure you wipe the blade off thoroughly immediately after you finish and even rinse it with water, as leaving the cleaner on it can cause even more corrosion. Then dry dry dry thoroughly, and coat with oil. High carbon steel swords will ship to you with an oil coating on, but even that is not foolproof, so they should not be stored long term.

Damascus Steel

Damascus steel is a blend of two types of high carbon steel, so all that is true for high carbon steel is true for damascus steel. Except because it is so much more valuable you should be even more vigilant. Also, if your damascus does get blemished, be careful when polishing so that you do not wear off the patina. Test the polish first in a small spot.

Handle Parts

All our handle parts have a protective finish and should not need any maintenance.

We have decided to put LONGCLAW and NEEDLE on sale, ending Saturday the 24th. We wanted to put them on sale for some period before the end of the year, and this is a good slow patch between book/TV show releases, and the busy Christmas season. ICE is not on sale, as it is still a new release. So right now both LONGCLAW and NEEDLE are $20 off.

GRRM has officially approved the Damascus ICE. We will make 250 of them, they will be $700 each. Preorders will open in about two weeks (probably also on the 24th) and it could be in your hand sometime in November. We will announce the exact date and time of the preorder opening in advance.

King Robert’s Warhammer is in the prototyping stage, we’ve had one prototype made and are making a second. Preorders may open before the end of the year, but you wouldn’t likely see it in hand until late Spring 2012.

The Night’s Watch obsidian dagger set is also in the prototyping stage. If we can get it done quickly, it could start to ship before the end of the year. I am hoping it will. But it will be in limited quantities.

Damascus Oathkeeper is currently in the concept art stage. Nothing to show yet.