We have decided to put LONGCLAW and NEEDLE on sale, ending Saturday the 24th. We wanted to put them on sale for some period before the end of the year, and this is a good slow patch between book/TV show releases, and the busy Christmas season. ICE is not on sale, as it is still a new release. So right now both LONGCLAW and NEEDLE are $20 off.

GRRM has officially approved the Damascus ICE. We will make 250 of them, they will be $700 each. Preorders will open in about two weeks (probably also on the 24th) and it could be in your hand sometime in November. We will announce the exact date and time of the preorder opening in advance.

King Robert’s Warhammer is in the prototyping stage, we’ve had one prototype made and are making a second. Preorders may open before the end of the year, but you wouldn’t likely see it in hand until late Spring 2012.

The Night’s Watch obsidian dagger set is also in the prototyping stage. If we can get it done quickly, it could start to ship before the end of the year. I am hoping it will. But it will be in limited quantities.

Damascus Oathkeeper is currently in the concept art stage. Nothing to show yet.

26 Thoughts on “Sales and Releases

  1. The Calendar is marked… starting to feel giddy with excitement.

  2. Oathkeeper!! Must have!! :)

  3. I’m very excited about Damascus Ice!

    Did I miss posts about the Obsidian dagger set? I hadn’t heard anything about it until now – anything going to be published so we can take a look?
    And Oathkeeper, too? That’s awesome news!

  4. Maybe, some stuff gets posted on our Facebook page but not here, or we end up posting in comments here, but not as a separate post.

    But yes, it will be a Night’s Watch obsidian dagger and arrowhead set. It will be a small box with the dagger, sheath, and a pouch of arrowheads. Certificate, etc.

  5. Thanks for the tip on Facebook – never go on there. Guess I have a reason to now…

  6. I see that you have a quote talking about the rumored Valyrian Axe… is that going to be made?

  7. If it is ever more than rumored in the books.

  8. Also, a comment made on Facebook said that the head of the warhammer is hollow… is that true?

  9. Been waiting for Damascus Ice. Just have to convince the gf to let me lol. Took enough work to talk her round to Longclaw

  10. Hollow perhaps isn’t the best word. The head is made in two parts then joined together with internal connections. There are voids inside the head, but it isn’t completely empty of structure.

  11. I already own Longclaw (its amazing)and I am thinking of getting another as a gift. Will your sale knock off more than just $20??? (I mean that is less than 10% hardly what I’d call a sale but thats just my opinion)

  12. @Joe – these are quality replicas – do you expect to get them for free? I’m impressed that they are discounting them at all.

  13. Will the Damascus Ice be more in line with the dimensions of a great sword, rather than restricting its length to make shipping cheaper?

    Since it’s a more expensive limited edition, I’m sure those of us wanting to buy it won’t mind the extra shipping expense to get something truly special (and I’m in Australia, where the shipping price is already at the top of the list)

  14. Well, first of all, Regular Ice is in line with the dimensions of a greatsword. It is a huge sword, with the tip on the ground the pommel will be chest high on an average man.

    But yes, Damascus is going to be slightly longer, just 2 inches though.

  15. Two please, Damascus Ice, #88 if possible for one of them.
    Cannot wait.

  16. VS – Any word on the Damascus Ice Pre-order date yet? 24th is coming fast!

  17. It went to the photographer yesterday, so as soon as we can get pictures. If we don’t have them by the weekend it’ll be pushed back to the next Saturday.

  18. Will there be an ebay auction for #1?

  19. Kristina on September 22, 2011 at 1:20 pm said:

    Is Oathkeeper going to be solely Damascus?

  20. Yes. There is no way to do the red/black coloring in stainless.

  21. Concerning Damascus Ice and/or Oathkeeper, is there any chance that those of us that ordered Damascus Longclaw can get matching serial numbers?

  22. You can ask, and if you order in an earlier position than your number we will try, but we cannot make promises.

  23. OK Great, thanks. I will be watching tomorrow to see if you are open for pre-orders.

  24. We won’t be, it’ll be October 1st when orders open.

  25. Any news on the Night’s Watch obsidian set? Would they be up for pre-order before the end of November?

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