All Damascus Ice preorders have shipped, some (about 5) haven’t been picked up yet, but they’ll be picked up Monday. So it is now in stock and ready to ship for any new orders. For those who have already ordered, you should be seeing activity on your tracking numbers.

This weekend is the last weekend you can order and still get delivery by Christmas for regular ground shipping, after Monday people out west will need to pay expedited shipping, after Tuesday people in the south or east will need to, and after Wednesday everyone will (the midwest being the last area). You can call us or email to get expedited shipping quotes.

Finally, if you did order Damascus Ice, please be careful when it arrives. The blade is coated with a protective oil, which will stain your clothes and the blade’s grip if you got it on there. The very first thing you should do is remove the excess oil from the blade with a rag.

8 Thoughts on “Shipping Updates

  1. Got my swords, les than a week. Not only is that impressive since I live in Canada, but I didn’t get charged customs or taxes of any kind!!!!!

  2. Wow Brian, that is quite a savings for you, I wonder why it happened.

  3. I really don’t know. It’s usually a hit or miss scenario with customs, whether it’s a $5 or $500 item. But in my case, all three swords were delivered simultaneously, with values clearly marked on the labels and all three made it through. I’m not complaining:) just admiring my dumb luck:) I guess I’ll be buying a lotto ticket tonight and see how far I can ride this wave:) thx For all the updates Valyrian Steel.

  4. I hope no one from customs is a GRRM/Valyrian fan…………..

  5. I picked my Damascus Ice up yesterday. Got hit with customs and taxes. For my last sword, too. Grrr…

  6. Tomislav on December 23, 2011 at 7:48 pm said:

    I didnt get hit by customs or taxes, so nice get to invest that money into the next Damascus Sword, also both my 72’s look nice together.

  7. Ya, I got hit up last time for about $70 each. Win some, you lose some I guess.

  8. ninety quid each for customs, ouch, oh well soon be mine.

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