We are very pleased to announce the first book licensed product through George R.R. Martin in a long time: Daario’s Ladies! Daario Naharis is a sellsword in the service of Daenerys Targaryen and his weapons are as notorious as the man himself. These unsharpened collectible book replicas were designed with the personal input of George R.R. Martin and each set comes with a certificate of authenticity bearing his autograph.

Preorders will open Saturday August 27th, each set is $350

The backorder for Ice will be ending around the week of September 20th.

The preorder for Needle’s Scabbard and Oathkeeper’s Scabbard will be ending around the week of September 15th.

Longclaw is rapidly running out of stock again, it isn’t on backorder quite yet but it will be before the next shipment arrives, which is mid-October.

Longclaw’s Scabbard is currently on backorder, and we hope to get more the same time as the next Longclaw shipment, but that is not yet confirmed.

The preorders for Book Oathkeeper Damascus ($500) and Book Daario’s Ladies ($350) will open soon.