In deliberation with George R.R. Martin we have decided to re-release some old book licensed items. We have been saying for a number of years now that we would look into doing this once the show ended, and it ends in two months so now was the time to start. We have never wanted to devalue the original items, it is important to us to strike a balance, so we are not numbering these new second editions, and they will not come with GRRM’s autograph. It is our hope that this preserves the collectability of the originals while allowing new customers who may not have known we existed 10 years ago to buy these old designs.

The first two we are doing are King Robert’s Warhammer and Book Longclaw. The Warhammer will start shipping within a week, Book Longclaw will take another 6 weeks or so before it starts shipping.

The Red Viper’s Spear has gotten in stock within the past week and is shipping now. If you haven’t ordered one I would do so, it is really nice.

Red Damascus Oathkeeper (book license) is back in stock after a brief hiatus.

Euron Greyjoy’s Axe is also coming soon, around the same time as Book Longclaw, ~6 weeks.

The last remaining new item on the docket for 2019 is Heartsbane, we hope to start taking preorders on that item in May or June for deliveries 3rd or 4th quarter 2019. It will be in both damascus and stainless.

Speaking of damascus, Oathkeeper Damascus (show license) is all but sold out with less than 10 remaining.