Filming now, estimated to premiere on Amazon Prime TV in 2020. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time is one of the best selling works of fantasy of the past generation. He was very close with George R.R. Martin to the point where George named a house in Westeros after him, House Jordayne. Unfortunately Robert Jordan had a rare blood disease and died before he could finish. Brandon Sanderson was enlisted and wrote the final three books. 14 books in total, they occupy an entire shelf at my house. There is plenty of material for a long running series. There are also many cool weapons and magical items that could be made into replicas. In October we signed a license with Sony (the producer of the series) to produce weapons, armor, jewelry, statues, and angreal (magical items) from the show.

For more information on the television show you can check out the official twitter account. There is also an account for the showrunner Rafe Judkins. You can also follow us on Facebook. Other sources for information include Dragonmount or The Wheel of Time on Facebook.

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