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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

We are transitioning to a new website, Jalic Blades and we recommend placing your purchase there. Going forward new products will only appear on the new website.

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This is an official Game of Thrones® licensed product. 

Brienne is a highborn lady who would rather be a knight. As Catelyn Stark's envoy, she escorted Jaime Lannister back to Kings Landing. The two fighters developed a mutual respect for each other during their journey. She is given Oathkeeper by Jaime after his father, Lord Tywin Lannister, melts down Eddard Stark's Valyrian sword Ice and has Oathkeeper, as well as a sword for King Joffrey, made from the metal.

This adult collectible is officially licensed from HBO®'s hit series Game of Thrones®. It includes a certificate of authenticity and display plaque.

The Game of Thrones® Collection is a series of collectible weapons and armor painstakingly recreated from the actual props used on HBO®’s hit fantasy epic Game of Thrones®. The officially licensed collectibles are made from the highest quality materials and have been crafted with special attention to reproduce the authentic details found on the props.
This item is not a toy, please keep out of the reach of children. This sword is intended solely for display purposes as a collector's item. Official HBO Licensed Product © 2015 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Game of Thrones is a trademark of Home Box Office, Inc. Produced under License by Jalic Inc.
 This Product Has been Discontinued 
Overall Length: 41.5"
Blade Length: 32"
Blade Material: stainless steel
Hilt: Bronze plated cast metal with faux jewels.
Plaque: Silkscreened wood with Tarth sigil

Payment Information:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover. We also accept checks and money orders through the mail or Western Union. While checking out you will have the option of choosing credit card payment or a mail-in payment to finalize your order. 


Shipping Information:

For domestic purchases we offer the full range of UPS shipping options, prices will be provided during checkout. For international customers to some destinations we offer regular mail shipping (2-4 weeks typically) or UPS shipping options that are faster, to other destinations the only options are UPS, and to some destinations we cannot ship at all.

All international customers are advised to read this page prior to placing their order. 


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Product Code: VS0112
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Reviews / Comments
awesome oath keeper
"Received my sword last week #72 and I must say that it absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the money if your undecided.Great Construction. Keep up the good work V.S."
Apr 28 2015, 11:25 AMby

"Just got #21 of Oathkeeper today and it is absolutely spectacular. The sword is very well crafted and far exceeds my expectations. Will definitely buy from Valyrian Steel again."
Apr 07 2015, 22:29 PMby

"Very solid construction and feel. Intricate details on the hilt and pommel are superb! A bit heavy for actual swordplay but as a decoration, there is no equal. Perhaps a scabbard for it in the future?"
Apr 09 2015, 21:17 PMby

"I am a return customer. I have John Snows sword and scabbard, Jamie's sword #51, and now Oathkeeper #60. I display them with pride. As Mark said, I hope both scabbards for Jamie's and Oathkeeper are to become available. Also, Joffery's sword as well- "
Apr 12 2015, 18:15 PMby

Exceeded Ecpectation
"I received my sword today and it was very well made. It was definitely heavier then expected so overall it kicks ass! Very happy with my choice"
Jun 30 2015, 04:13 AMby

"Bought this for my sister's 21st birthday present and she loves it...and so does everyone else. Excellent quality and beautifully crafted!! Also, took less than a week to ship to New Zealand:)"
Aug 10 2015, 12:32 PMby

Perfect Sword
"My beautiful, awesome girlfriend just got me this sword for my birthday and I couldn't be happier. As soon as I saw it in the show I fell in love with this sword and it instantly became one of my favourite weapon designs of all time. I can honestly say that ValyrianSteel have 100% done this sword the justice it deserves. Everything is made very sturdy and high quality, I would highly recommend it."
Aug 05 2015, 09:20 AMby

"Oathkeeper just came in the mail and I was blown away by how awesome it is! It's beautifully constructed, and after full inspection, I can't find a single thing wrong. Very happy! Can't wait to order the Catspaw blade next!"
Feb 24 2016, 21:07 PMby

A sword for kings!
"Beautiful. The blade is an artwork, but at the same time, quite hefty, and sharp. The bronze-ish look adds to the aesthetic well, as gold would be overdone. The jewels look great. My favorite part is the intricate designs; and the owning of piece if GoT!!"
Nov 14 2017, 03:22 AMby

Attention Grabber
"Okay, this is my last purchase for a while (I went broke on these swords lol) but i got to give these guys at VS credit for making some pretty cool replicas! Quality and design is superb. The handle on this thing has some weight to it and once it’s mounted on the wall it attracts your attention to it! The plaque is pretty cool and the blade is stainless Steel. The COA is not crumbled up which is a plus. The blade came with some blemishes or tarnish on it. If any of you can recommend something to clear it up it would be appreciated. It looks like it was handled and they didn’t bother to wipe off the fingerprints. Overall I’m very happy with it and all the purchases I’ve made!"
May 19 2019, 08:02 AMby

Fancy sword I got here
"I love my Oathkeeper replica. It's beautiful, well-made and not too heavy. The fourth sword I've bought from, and I've yet to be disappointed. The fifth will probably be Heartsbane."
Jun 11 2019, 03:55 AMby

Pretty nice
"This is the first sword I\'ve ever held, let alone bought. It\'s pretty amazing, naturally I\'m gutted I wasn\'t brave/rich enough for the Damascus version but I\'m happy with this. I got #18. I spent an hour or so mounting it on the wall which I\'m pretty chuffed with. I have very limited DIY experience and was dreading doing this but it was relatively simple with a few basic tools - all I had was a spirit level, a measuring tape, a pencil and a screwdriver. It\'s pretty firmly on the wall. Minus one star because the lion head on the end of the hilt (pommel?) seems like it could\'ve/should\'ve been a tighter fit. It isn\'t loose but it isn\'t flush - noticeable gap between grip & pommel."
Apr 09 2015, 15:17 PMby

Pretty to look at but not to hold
"The sword itself looks great but the blade wobbles forwards and backwards and the faux Ruby\'s have been put in wonky and thus they partially protrude from the fitting , so overall a good sword but with the faults not really worth the £270 , without the faults id be happy to pay the full amount"
May 14 2015, 13:26 PMby

I like this better than Carbon Steel.
"If you display the sword as a fan, like me, than this is definitely the way to go. I like the fact that it needs no maintenance unlike Ice, and it's virtually the same look. It's very heavy, though I'm disappointed by the shine of it. I thought the handle would be more brassy. It has a solid feel and it's worth what you're paying for it. Let's go save Sansa"
May 27 2015, 01:59 AMby

"I ordered Oathkeeper and received it in exactly 7 days. Sword is a bit heavy, but is well built/solid. Other people have said the pommel was loose, but not the case for me. Everything on the sword is perfect. My only complaint is that UPS left it on my door without requiring a signature. Luckily I was home to get it right away, but if I hadn't been, it could have potentially been stolen. On the lighter side, Funny thing is that I received #1200! I didn't know that many had been sold already. But o well, such is life. I will definitely be ordering more from VS."
Aug 14 2015, 04:18 AMby

"In the photos this sword looks great, but I find it to have a more bronzed look to it rather than gold. The hounds been looking at Lannister gold all his life, and this isn't Lannister gold. The cast handle also leaves much to be desired, it's rather meaty/fat where the hilt and guard meet, and the finger guards/notches on top of the guard are too small to be used with gloves, let alone a gauntlet. One last thing I have an issue with, the blade is supposed to be "Valyrian Steel", and the non Damascus versions should still at least resemble a magic steel by etching runes, patterns or whatever. This blade is well balanced, and the outward pommel makes for good leverage when swinging. Overall it's a nice blade to look at, but I think they could have done better on this one in my opinion. VS Response: It is bronze. The prop was bronze. Having the Hound call it gold on screen when it was bronze is a bit of a writing flub. HBO did a Making Game of Thrones post where they talked about the prop and even mentioned the bronze foundry where they had it made. We did a version with etched ripples as well, but no one (us or HBO) liked how it looked."
May 14 2016, 21:11 PMby

Looks cool, needed lots of tlc
"This is certainly a nice looking sword. Probably looks better than the picture even. However, the blade rattled, and it rattled a lot. Was told to heat gun to break up epoxy, tighten, glue back together. I did this, plus reattaching the gem that the heat knocked off. So, it can be fixed, but it took a little time, and elbow grease. EASY 5* if this wasn't an issue."
Apr 02 2018, 01:42 AMby

Loose blade and rattles alot
"The sword looks perfect, but the moment you touch it or pick it up the blade wobbles and moves around clanging and making alot of rattling noise and feels cheap due to that fact. Although I got a $100 discount code to say sorry, at the end of the day I did pay $340 for a replica sword and I would at least expect it to be built correctly. Not sure if I will be purchasing anymore. VS Note: Offered exchange or $100, customer chose $100."
May 01 2015, 19:02 PMby

Brienne would be disappointed
"I purchased this sword a while back when first released and waited a long time to get it since I wanted serial #555 since all my swords from VS are that. However I am pretty disappointed in the quality of the blade on this one. It has machining marks along the entire blade horizontally across it. The other swords from VS were great but this one is lacking the same quality. Brienne might have made an oath with this sword to Jaime, but I am guessing Tywin had the sword makers drowned in a cave for this one!"
Nov 05 2015, 00:41 AMby

Brilliant Replica
"As an admirer of the show, when I saw Oathkeeper enter the scene, I immediately began gravitating towards the sword. When I learned that this website existed I knew I had to procure the replica asap. I proudly received #221 and I can honestly say it is nearly everything I hoped for. The work on it is very accurate and hard to spot any details that would otherwise throw it off the original. I hesitate to give it 5 stars only for the fact that (mind you this is only my replica and I\'m sure this is not like everyone else\'s) the pommel and the blade itself rattled against one another almost as soon as it came out of the packaging. This is not all the time, but when handling the sword it is almost impossible to not hear it a few times. All in all the appearance of the blade is very pleasing, at least for my replica, the quality was just a bit off the mark. my faith in VS is not lost though. My brother purchased Longclaw a while back and it is in perfect condition. I just wished mine came the same way."
Jan 19 2017, 06:44 AMby

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