The freight finally arrived this morning, and we worked feverishly to unload, label, and then reload all the boxes. By the time we were done the pile of boxes resembled The Wall in size and temperature (its flipping cold in the Midwest), if not in material.

So at this point, all domestic orders have shipped, and all International orders have shipped. There were a few exceptions but we emailed those individuals.

We’ve started shipping International orders. They’ll really go out Monday or Tuesday (we hope) but we’re printing all the labels and whatnot now so that things move more efficiently once they arrive. So if you get an email confirmation of shipping, that is why. Just remember, they’re not actually shipping out for a few more days.

Also, we’ve turned on (well really there was a bug, which we corrected) reviews for Longclaw. A lot of you have been posting reviews as comments to posts here, and that is fine, but we’d like it if you also posted them here. Of course tell all your friends as well, let them know just how much you like yours so they might buy one for themselves. Word of mouth!

So, Longclaw is in stock for domestic shipping, most orders should ship within 1 business day at this point, and it’ll be in stock for International shipping within a few days as well.