Christmas is on a Saturday this year, which means Friday the 24th is the last day for deliveries.

If you’re willing to pay for Next Day Air shipping (Which isn’t cheap on something as big as a sword) you can order as late as Thursday the 23rd by noon and still get it by Christmas.

If you just want normal ground shipping, ordering by Monday the 20th should get it to you anywhere in the US.

For International customers you should order by Monday the 13th for Christmas delivery to be likely. Later International orders may still make it in time, but the probability is not as high.

Remember Needle is on sale now, as is Longclaw going back awhile, we will probably end both sales after the new year. So get them while they’re on sale. If you wanted one for Christmas and do not get it, there is always that week after Christmas to do shopping.

If you ordered the Damascus Longclaw we expect to be shipping it to you in early January. If your shipping address has changed since you first ordered it, please, let us know, so we can make sure we ship it to the correct location.

Ice preordering is open, with the sword expected to ship late Winter/early Spring. I will be posting some candid photos of Ice soon, it is a beautiful sword, my personal favorite.

Finally, if you missed it, HBO aired a Game of Thrones special last night. Below is a slightly longer version with a couple extra minutes not seen on TV.

One Thought on “Christmas Shipping Information

  1. Matthew on January 19, 2011 at 7:33 am said:

    Any word on shipping for the damascus longclaw? You said you would be shipping in “early january” and it’s now “mid-to-late January”.

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