What can get you more excited than the April 17th airing of HBO’s Game of Thrones?

How about that A Dance With Dragons, you know, that long awaited novel, has been formally scheduled for release July 12th!

The long winter is over my friends, it has been many years, but finally we have light!

This is going to be a big year for the AOIAF universe, and we’re definitely very excited.

Read more of a short Interview with GRRM at Entertainment Weekly.

You can also preorder at Amazon:


Best Day Ever? This afternoon EW announced another exclusive, the newest, longest, HBO trailer. Some great new footage, including the Wall.

7 Thoughts on “A Dance with Dragons goes on sale July 12th!!!!

  1. Woooohooooo!

    Thanks for letting us know! I’m still in the midst of reading the 2nd book, but this is definitely awesome news!

  2. Anne on March 4, 2011 at 7:17 am said:

    YEAH! :D Great news! :D

  3. Yeah, believe it when you see it on the shelf. If you read the EW interview you find out that he is STILL writing. His publisher assures us that THIS time the release date is set in stone, but having been burned four times before I am a bit skeptical.

  4. I had a very strong suspicion that the delay of the book was to ensure peak interest in the property when HBO begins it’s showing… Oh well at least we’re finally getting it.

  5. i’m probably like everyone else that has been waiting years for this volume. i’m glad that its finally coming out. i thought it was supposed to be out at christmas. i was pretty upset and i thought that they were going to ask me to leave books a million when i went on ranting and raving. hahahaha. im just glad its coming out . im also looking forward to watching it on hbo, although i hope the tv people dont hack it to peices like they did the sword of truth series. it was terrible to say the least. so, hope everyone out there enjoys it when it finally gets here.

  6. Lana on April 8, 2011 at 6:33 pm said:

    i have read the series soooo many times – i have been waiting for so long for the next book……..and then once its out i’ll be waiting years for the one after this :( oh well its worth the wait. cant wait to start watching the hbo series this april :)

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