We’re moving our warehouse from Michigan to Chattanooga, Tennessee, this will affect order shipping times for orders placed the 15th-22nd of July. Our new location will have a nice proper showroom should any customer want to visit in person, way better than our current warehouse.

While cleaning and packing we found the Night’s Watch Dragonglass Dagger Set Prototype! One of a kind, this is the exact knife we sent to GRRM for his personal handling and approval. We put it up on ebay. Bid early and often!

Oathkeeper Damascus should ship in early to mid September.

Robb’s Sword recently sold out, sorry, you can still find it elsewhere, but our warehouse is empty of Robb’s. King Robert’s Warhammer is almost sold out, we have like 10 left, and those will be gone in a day or two.

One Thought on “Prototype Auction, Preorder Updates, Sellout Warnings

  1. Any news on dawn? Do you have the prototype from season 6?

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