This is a preorder, you’re putting a deposit down to secure your place in line, the sword will not ship to you until 2010. You can get a refund at any time up until when it ships, but you will lose your place in line.

We are going to make either 100 or 250 of these, depending on interest as seen in the next week or two. If there is the demand, we’ll make 250, if not, we’ll make 100. We’ll let you know when we decide.

We will be giving numbers based on purchase order. The first person who orders gets number 2, the second person gets number 3, etc. The #1 sword is going up on an auction. I highly recommend buying the sword through our site prior to bidding in the auction, in case you do not win the auction you will still get a sword. If you are the auction winner we can always cancel your original order.

We’ve also put up the original Longclaw, #1, up on auction, if you’re interested. We found it in the massive pile of boxes that is our Longclaw inventory and decided this was the best way to get it out.

Edit: Auctions over, congrats to the winners.
Order the Damascus Longclaw Here


So, here is the Ice concept art. Let me stress that this sword is not even close to being released, think late 2010 at the earliest. We have a whole bunch of Longclaws and Needles to sell first. And the Damascus Longclaw will come out before it.

As always, we worked closely with GRRM in creating this design. In fact, as has been true with all our blades, I tend to have a design in my mind and then I go to him and explain it and he tells me how wrong I am. For those who worry that perhaps we influence GRRMs design decisions a certain way, believe me, it doesn’t happen.

So, anyways, for Ice we had a couple thing to consider. First, it was the ceremonial sword of a great house. Both tool of war, and symbolic scepter of power, as such, it is more ornamental than Longclaw is. Secondly, it is of course, big, and GRRM insisted we make it as large as is possible to mass produce. It should be the biggest sword any collector has hanging on their wall. The blade will be as wide as Longclaw’s (itself a large sword) but longer, with less taper.

The blade will have a distressed white leather grip, and a central ring embossed with running wolves plated in genuine silver. We plan to make two concurrent versions, one stainless steel with a faux damascus finish, the other true damascus.

Kit Harrington doesn’t have to be the only person suiting up as Jon Snow this fall, you could be too.

First, you need pants, you could buy these or just wear some black pants you have laying around the house.

You’ll need a jerkin or some other top as well. this one is very dark brown but it matches the style seen in a lot of ASOIAF artwork with Jon Snow, so I grant a pass.

For a more military look consider buying this leather armor and layering it over this black chainmail shirt.

It is cold in the North, you need a fur coat or cloak or something. Any fabric store will have faux black fur, get a couple yards, toss it over your shoulder, and you’re good to go. For something fancier, perhaps for Lord Commander Jon Snow, you can find nicer ones such as this on ebay. If you’re at all crafty you can easily make your own by buying genuine fur on ebay as well. Give it a crude stitch up with leather cord, something Yoren might have made for a new recruit perhaps, and call it good.

Finally, of course, you’ll need a weapon. I recommend Longclaw. You’ll also want a scabbard to slip it into, and a back harness to hold it all in place.

Then of course you’ll need to walk around explaining who you are, and perhaps buddy up with someone with a large white dog. But rest assured, once the HBO series is released and takes the world by storm you’ll be known as the guy who was ahead of the coolness curve.