We’ve received word that the Damascus Longclaws will not be ready until July now. I must apologize for this delay. The factory we have contracted to make them just misjudged the amount of time it requires to make a proper Damascus blade, and our quality standards do not allow them to take any short cuts.

So, it is taking a long time, but on the other hand, it is being done right. Mixed blessing I suppose.

About half of the Damascus Longclaws are already sold to preorders by the way.

In the meantime, here is an extreme closeup of one of the blades.

HBO has greenlit the series, A Game of Thrones should air about a year from now.

In unrelated news…

1. In concert with GRRM, we’ve decided to make King Robert’s Warhammer the next piece (after Ice). So if you’re name is Rhaegar, best stay away from any rivers.

2. For those who have asked, we’re up to mid 40s in the Damascus Longclaw numbers. Also, we’re still on schedule to have manufacturing completed in April.

3. No idea on when we’ll open up Ice for preordering yet. We still need to make a prototype.

4. In case anyone is visiting us for the first time. Here is a recap….

Longclaw is available, you can order here.
Needle is available, you can order here.
The Damascus version of Longclaw should be ready in April, you can preorder it here.
Ice will be done next, it is not yet available for preorder. You can however view a sketch here.
Robert’s War Hammer will be done after that, and that just started the design phase.