Here are some looks of our Robert’s Warhammer Prototype.

We’ve found that the head is so heavy we need to reinforce the haft more so we’re going to have another prototype made with a stronger haft before going into production. This will delay the ultimate on-sale date of the item by at least a couple months.

But it is one big bad hammer.

31 Thoughts on “Hammer Time

  1. As usual, another ‘tour de force’ from Valyrian. Superb work!

  2. As usual, I’m in for regular and Damascus Ice.

  3. Oh ya, and The Warhammer :P

  4. Well, better that it takes a couple more months to last a lifetime.

    Can’t wait for it; It’s on the top of my wishlist.

    Just one question – will there be any issues delivering this to other countries, like Australia, due to its extra weight?

  5. So what’s the chances of this being available before Christmas? Wishful thinking?

  6. Preorders should be open by Christmas, but there is no way it is making it under anyone’s tree.

    Shipping costs will increase with weight, but linearly. No big jumps.

  7. I was uncertain at first about the Hammer but it is looking so good I may expand upon swords and add it to my collection. Cheers!

  8. Does the lack of a pic of the “Fury” side that was posted on FB mean that side is being reworked? Seemed like there was a lot of negative feedback (have to say I don’t think that panel measured up either).

    Would love to see the stag on both sides instead.

  9. No, it isn’t changing unless GRRM says so. It just is technically the “back”.

  10. Daniel on August 31, 2011 at 12:22 am said:

    What material will it be made out of ? Carbon steel? And is the hammer head made of two seperate pieces weilded together ?

  11. Soooo buying this

  12. Any ballpark figure on the price?

  13. Looks absolutely awesome, like always. One thing though: Shouldn’t it be a regular stag instead of a crowned stag? He wasn’t king yet when it was forged as far as I recall.

  14. Nope Pablo, that is a common misconception. Remember it is the 7 Kingdoms. The Baratheon sigil comes from the Storm Kings, who ruled the Storm lands as King until Aegon came and united the 7 kingdoms.

  15. I stand corrected, it’s perfect then :D

  16. Horselord on September 6, 2011 at 12:13 pm said:

    any idea what the shipping prices may be? im thinking USA only

  17. probably 25. It’ll be heaver than ice, but a little shorter. We’ll see though, shipping can be a function of fuel costs.

  18. I posted this back on 8/31 “What material will it be made out of ? Carbon steel? And is the hammer head made of two seperate pieces weilded together ?” Any chance of an answer even if it is I don’t know or can’t answer you right now ? Any type of answer would be appreciated. Thank you.

  19. The head will be zinc. I know some people may be turned off by that but zinc has really good compressive strength, is actually used to make industrial sledge hammers, and was the only way to get the detail in the head done. We tried steel, but no one would do it. Likewise it is in two halves (we masked the seam as much as possible) also because no one agreed to make it in one piece. We did actually take it around to probably 16 different factories all over the world. I know it isn’t what some people would expect, but sometimes manufacturing limitations are what they are.

  20. Thank you for the information. I definitely still want one because it looks awesome no matter what it is made with or how it is made. I just like to know what I am buying.

  21. The hammer is beautiful. Being that it is in two pieces does it have the integrity for Robert to actually take it to battle or is it more for display?

  22. That hammer is glorious. It’s exactly how I pictured it. It would crush Rhaegar Targaryen with ease.

  23. Such a hot sexy picture, I think…Oh! never mind, I need to go clean myself up… And my laptop too.

  24. Because of its size, will i have any problems shipping to Canada?

  25. Just a question, if the Baratheon sigil is crowned because it comes from the storm kings
    shouldnt the stark direwolf be crowned because it comes from the kings who lived in the North??

  26. Just wondering what the status on this beauty is? Any idea of the date it will go on sale?

  27. @John – no, not every king decides to put a crown in his sigil. It is a choice they make. Aegon the Conquerer didn’t change his sigil for instance.

    @tim – it’ll likely open for preorders this fall, and arrive next spring.

  28. when can I buy it?
    I need it for the cosplay of Robert Baratheon.
    At Lucca Comics and Games I had to make a provisional with disappointing results.

  29. IT will go on sale for preorder in a week.

    It will not ship until next Spring.

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