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Dragonglass Dagger Set to go on sale this Saturday

Our Night’s Watch Dragonglass Dagger Set aka the “Beyond the Wall Survival Kit” will go on sale this Saturday. More images will be posted between now and then.

The kit includes a real obsidian dagger and arrowheads, sheath and belt pouch, and is mostly made in the USA.

11 Responses to “Dragonglass Dagger Set to go on sale this Saturday”

  1. Brian  Says:

    Another beautiful addition to my collection.

  2. Brian  Says:

    Don’t know if this has been asked/answered already, but will they be numbered? And will the orders be issued in random numbers, or similar to the Damascus issues? Thx

  3. valyrian  Says:

    Yes they will be numbered, and yes we will try to give people numbers matching their order.

    Being made in the US these are being made on demand (more or less) as opposed to all at once. So higher numbers won’t always be available because they won’t be made yet. But if you have an early order you will be able to request a low number.

  4. Ben  Says:

    How big is the knife?

  5. Tomislav  Says:

    will you be putting up a picture of the full set?

  6. valyrian  Says:

    Knife is just under 6 inches, each one is slightly different though because it is hand made with a natural product.

    We are going to be adding more pictures.

  7. Alberto BB  Says:

    Can’t wait! :) Another great item, thank you very much Valyrian!

  8. Dwayne  Says:

    Purchase made. Can’t wait, looks awesome!

  9. Claudio Zamparini  Says:

    @ Valyrian. Any update on when the Dragonglass set begins to ship?


  10. valyrian  Says:

    Everything is ready to go. We’re waiting on something special GRRM is writing to be included in the kit, and he is really busy. As soon as he turns it in, we’ll get it to the printer, and then the product will ship.

  11. Claudio Zamparini  Says:

    Great. I appreciate the response. Looking forward to the many new products.
    Happy leap day!

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