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The Hound’s Helm

We are pleased to announce the newest product in our line of licensed collectibles from the HBO┬« series Game of Thrones┬«. The Hound’s Helm is a fully wearable helmet reproduction with operable jaw visor. It was modeled directly on the actual screen used prop from the show, with accurately matched finishes and dimensions. It is a limited edition of 2500 pcs and will come with a display stand and a certificate of authenticity. The Hound’s Helm will retail for an MSRP of $300, we will start accepting preorders, on Saturday December 22nd at 12 noon EST, for Spring 2013 deliveries.

32 Responses to “The Hound’s Helm”

  1. Jamie Gallegos  Says:

    Looks like I found my Christmas gift. :-)

  2. Steven  Says:

    Oh. My. GOD!

  3. Darcy  Says:

    Wow! well done, can’t wait for more!

  4. Vincent  Says:

    Wow! Looks amazing, will they come with an edition number like the swords, for example 230/2500?

  5. Jesse  Says:

    So are the show replicas all going to be limited? I thought I had heard that you would make the show replicas unlimited quantity, or is that just the swords?

  6. valyrian  Says:

    Yes it is a limited edition. On the helm the edition is inscribed on a brass tag on the inside of it.

  7. valyrian  Says:

    Some items will not be limited edition, others still will be. It depends on our goals for that particular item.

  8. Vincent  Says:

    Thanks for the reply! I’m certainly going to be buying something from your HBO range of replicas, when will the next be released?

  9. Jamie  Says:

    Placed my order online. Any ideas when these will ship out? Thanks!!

  10. valyrian  Says:

    March at the earliest, May at the latest. (probably)

  11. Pablo  Says:

    Looks amazing

  12. Petey Reg  Says:

    This does not look like the show. Its far better
    The show looked like tin with a wild tongue and unrully teath. Not to mention thin in the show

  13. Petey Reg  Says:

    I mean it does just thicker and stronger

  14. James  Says:

    I preordered the helm when they went on sale, but I was just wondering what the dimensions on the inside would be. I want to be able to wear it so I hope it will fit me

  15. valyrian  Says:

    It will fit a head as large as 25″ in diameter.

  16. Norman  Says:

    I just found out about this website a month or so ago. Huge fan of a song of ice and fire and HBO game of thrones. As soon as I saw this I threw the money down in fear that they would all be sold out like longclaw and ice( to my vast disappointment). Now I just have to wait til spring!

  17. James  Says:

    Just wondering what number in line I am for the helm (to know what number I will receive) Thanks!

  18. valyrian  Says:

    I believe you’re 22 James, of course, that could change slightly in one direction or the other.

  19. nick  Says:

    Hello, fist off great work with the hounds helm. I’ve been waiting since i heard that could be an item last year. My parents order myself one as a gift for finishing college. I just have a question, is there any way i kind find out which number i would be receiving? Any any more information on the stark shield? Thanks.

  20. James  Says:

    Thank you, I hope it sticks because 22 would be great actually. One of my favorite numbers coincidentally. PS: love your work and can’t wait to see what else is in the works!

  21. Dan  Says:

    wow it looks pretty amazing!

    Just one question Valyrian it looks like the eyeholes are covered, can you actually see out the helm if you wear it with visor down?

  22. Drew  Says:

    Dan, I think when you pull the mouth down you still look through the mouth. I’m sure thats how it was on the show.

  23. Dan  Says:

    Ok thanks Drew, that was my only concern as long as you can still see; other than that it looks amazing.

  24. WindOfTheBlackMountains  Says:

    Can’t wait to have the hound’s helm in my collection.
    When available for pre-order I will also buy Lorra Tyrell’s helmet.

  25. Andrew  Says:

    Just curious to find out what number I might receive.
    Also wondering if production is still on track, and if there is a bit more definitive time line for completion and delivery yet.

    I’d wait a life time, but I’d love to have it while season 3 is on the air!

  26. valyrian  Says:

    I’m pretty sure you’ll have it while the series is on the air.

  27. Jimmy  Says:

    Any chance the helms will begin shipping this month? Or is April/May more likely? I’m so excited!

  28. James  Says:

    Just went to the GoT exhibition in NYC the other day. It was awesome to see all the props! I saw HBO’s Hound Helm as well as their versions of some of the swords. I was wondering, are your versions going to be exact replicas of the HBO counterparts in terms of size and such?

  29. Guillaume  Says:

    Any news about the helms? I’ve already cleared the top spot on my display case and can’t wait to put mine there!

  30. valyrian  Says:

    they will ship to customers late june/early july

  31. Thomas L********  Says:

    That sounds good:-)
    Are you making someday also Sandor Clegans sword ??

  32. jedson mezetti alves  Says:

    emcomeda para o brasil via sedex ?

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