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Daggers, swords, and greatswords exist that are made of Valyrian steel (I: 20, etc.)

The Scabbard of Robb Stark

We are pleased to announce the newest product in our line of licensed collectibles from the HBO┬« series Game of Thrones┬«. The Scabbard of Robb Stark is a fully wearable functional scabbard for carrying Robb Stark’s sword. It was modeled directly on the actual screen used prop from the show, with accurately matched finishes and dimensions. It is a limited edition of 500 pcs and will come with a matching belt and a certificate of authenticity. The Scabbard of Robb Stark will retail for an MSRP of $260, we will start accepting preorders, on Friday September 13th at 8:00 PM EST, for 4th Quarter 2013 deliveries.

9 Responses to “The Scabbard of Robb Stark”

  1. Skyler  Says:

    Sooo…why is it more expensive than the sword itself???

  2. valyrian  Says:

    Handmade in the USA, all those little metal bits on the belt and scabbard have to be custom done. It adds up.

  3. Skyler  Says:

    I see. Any progress on getting Longclaw okayed?

  4. Nolla  Says:

    I must ask that why do people want these? I can see that many people want these but I can see no reason for it. What do they do with their swords?

  5. valyrian  Says:

    Costume, halloween, cons, etc Nolla

  6. Michael  Says:

    Do you have any plans to release a dothraki arakh?

  7. riley  Says:

    What type of core is used for this scabbard? And can you provide an estimated size range on the belt? Thanks!

  8. valyrian  Says:

    The scabbard is fully leather. The belt is very very long, should fit pretty much everyone, with the excess being able to be double tied.

    Yes we plan to make an arakh.

  9. Nicholas  Says:

    I’ve gone back and forth on this scabbard becasuse I really like how the sword displays on it’s plaque alone.
    That said visitors keep touching the blade which I continually need to monitor. I oil the blade monthly.

    Would the scabbard go some way to protecting the blade if it was permanently displayed in the scabbard? Will it require the same schedule of oiling? Could the scabbard increase the risk of corrosion if the sword is stored within it for long periods of time?

    Thanks for such beautiful products.

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