HBO released a ton of media last night for “A Game of Thrones” in conjunction with the True Blood season finale. There was a teaser trailer called “Raven”, a behind the scenes trailer, and a few glimpses during a HBO new show montage, including the penultimate image of the montage, which to me says HBO is putting this show ahead of all others.

Raven Tease:

Behind the Scenes (including a shot of Maisie Williams grinning at the camera as Arya):

The new show montage with that nice penultimate scene is here:

Finally, we have some pictures of our production of Ice to share with you. They aren’t finished pictures, the sword has a brown leather grip as a placeholder, instead of the finished antiqued white leather grip, but you can see some of the details, the gold plated crossguard rings, etc. The blade size won’t be readily apparent. Unfortunately with Ice being at the current state of production, along with GRRM’s hectic travel schedule for the rest of the year, it probably will not be out for Christmas deliveries, more likely very early 2011 (why does this always seem to be the case?).

Ned Stark's Ice Sword

On the Damascus Longclaw front, all we can say is we are working on them.

9 Thoughts on “Ice Pictures + A Game of Thrones Teases

  1. I take it there’s still no word on there being a properly pattern-welded blade for that true “damascus”/valyrian steel look?

  2. The damascus Longclaw is real damascus.

    If you mean Ice, no, no word on a damascus Ice, only that, one day, we mean to make it. It might not be for a few years. The factory we used for the damascus Longlaw is so frustrated that they don’t want to take on any new damascus work, so we need to source a new supplier.

  3. Thank you for the update Valyrian. The pics look promising; I’m looking forward to the finished product. Any estimates on pricing? Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the update. The pictures do look good. I’m tempted but I will hold out for the damascus version — assuming, of course, that my damascus longclaw is satisfactory.

  5. Blade looks great guys! Still looking forward to my Damascus Longclaw and it’s going to kill me but I think I’ll have to wait for the Damascus Ice (which will hopefully be released sooner than a few years).

    Anything you can share about Robert’s warhammer yet?

  6. *falls in love with Ice*

    More inspiration to keep sending out C.V.s! Fantastic work, as always. It seems the Christmas period is always too busy in the sword-making trade! No matter, we’ll be able to enjoy the airing of GoT while holding or expecting blades of our own. :P

  7. I think it looks great the only thing I kinda don’t like is the
    writing on the cross guard

  8. Can we get a full shot of Ice compared to Longclaw?

  9. What process are you using for Damascus steel? And I can’t wait for Ice to come out. It looks great.

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