Valyrian Steel
Daggers, swords, and greatswords exist that are made of Valyrian steel (I: 20, etc.)

Hounds Helm Shipping Soon

The Hounds Helm is shipping soon. If you’ve moved or will soon be on vacation and would like your order delayed so it doesn’t come while you’re away please let us know via email so we can hold your order or change your address if needed.

4 Responses to “Hounds Helm Shipping Soon”

  1. The Reaver  Says:

    Hey guys, I ordered the helm a while ago and was wondering if it’s possible to find out what number I’ll get? Hoping for the lowest possible. Thanks!

  2. Andreas  Says:

    Any idea when you guys will ship them… I will be out of the country Mid-September

  3. Mike  Says:

    Received my helm today . It’s AMAZING! Such an impressive piece. Great job!

  4. Steven  Says:

    Received my helmet, absolutely love it! When can we expect the new Longclaw to be available?

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