Valyrian Steel
Aegon the Conqueror and the kings after him wielded Blackfyre, a Valyrian steel sword, until Aegon IV gave it to his bastard son Daemon on his attainment of knighthood at the age 12 (TSS: 111, 137)

Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow

We are pleased to announce the newest product in our line of licensed collectibles from the HBO® series Game of Thrones®. Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow is made from stainless steel. It was modeled directly on the actual screen used prop from the show, with accurately matched materials and dimensions. Each sword is serialized and will come with a wall mount and a certificate of authenticity. Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow will retail for an MSRP of $250, we will start accepting preorders on Sunday October 6th for early 2014 deliveries.

35 Responses to “Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow”

  1. Evan  Says:

    Does this mean the Damascus version is soon to follow?

  2. Krugermadness  Says:

    This is INSANE, please tell me its not a “limited edition’

  3. valyrian  Says:

    It isn’t limited. Damascus is up on the site Evan (that is limited)

  4. Daniel smith  Says:

    Well SHIET there goes my car license money. Damn that’s nice. It must be mine.

  5. Edward Ball  Says:

    I know you said that you could not make the sword full-tang, but I remember in an earlier post you also said it was not a rat-tail I believe…

    All of that aside, would you describe the damascus HBO longclaw as functional or no?

  6. Steve Rhodes  Says:

    Is there a side photo of the wolf head? It looks really odd from straight on.

  7. Michael  Says:

    Beautiful. Ive been waiting a long time for this. Thank you.

  8. Michael  Says:

    And by the way, on the original prop, the center fuller had a pattern in it. Is that damascus? How did they do that? Just curious.

  9. Lorcan  Says:

    will there be a scabbard for it like robbs sword and will there be one for Ice?

  10. valyrian  Says:

    Edward I would not describe it as functional no, also it is too fancy and valuable to risk damage to.

    Steve there are some up on the site from different angles.

    Michael, it was etched or painted on I think, the prop was not real damascus steel.

    Lorcan, yes for Longclaw, no for ICe.

  11. Mitchell  Says:

    Why did you decide not to do it in carbon steel?

  12. Olvier Taylor  Says:

    I know it isn’t limited edition but any way to know what number you have gone? (Rebecca Bryant bought it for me)

  13. Simar  Says:

    Will the swords be numberd?

  14. Dane Mehmedovic  Says:

    Hi, when you say you wouldn’t describe it as functional does that mean don’t swing it around the room incase it falls apart or don’t go hitting things with it?

  15. valyrian  Says:

    don’t hit things

  16. ozzy  Says:

    Hahahahaha ^
    If the blade is l full tang it will be considered battle ready @dane.

  17. Marcus  Says:

    how many longclaws will be available for purchase? and if you will never stop making this permantly how often will you get shipments?

  18. valyrian  Says:

    Our aim is to keep Longclaw in stock as long as our HBO license lasts.

  19. David R  Says:

    Will long claw have the same painted design that is on the sword in the TV show?

  20. David R  Says:


  21. valyrian  Says:

    No, we’re not painting the blades.

  22. David R  Says:

    Thanks for the response I am sure they are gonna be awesome

  23. Damon  Says:

    I need this in my collection!!!

    Is it a rat-tail tang? I’ve read above it is not full-tang like my Robb Stark sword, but I still want to swing it around every now and then for fun without worrying about it breaking.

  24. simar  Says:

    is there a way to know whats the # on the sword that you ordered? – Simar Walia

  25. Nathan  Says:

    Is this sword considered battle ready?

  26. Richard Traylor  Says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me if the non-Damascus version is going to be split up for shipping like the Damascus version is at 250pcs? If so,what will the cut-off be? Also, about how many total non-Damascus Longclaw swords have been sold?

  27. Richard Traylor  Says:

    I guess it isn’t possible to figure out at least what my order number was. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me.

  28. valyrian  Says:

    No we’re getting enough stainless to cover all preorders. Everyone who has ordered one will get one.

  29. David Zapata  Says:

    Is it possible if we could get everyone’s #s posted? And is it too late to request a #? Thanks!

  30. valyrian  Says:

    You can request a number and we can try our best but we do not guarantee them on the big editions.

  31. david zapata  Says:

    do you know what my order # is?

  32. valyrian  Says:

    dave you have the 41st order (which doesn’t mean the 41st sword, but you should be around there)

  33. Leon  Says:

    Hi, I really consider to buy this Longclaw. I noticed you mentioned the sword can be swung around just don’t hit hard surface with it. I just want to make sure the blade is secured sturdily enough: is the blade made out of a whole piece of steel(without welding an extra piece to extend into the handle)? If so, is that whole piece of blade threaded to be screwed together with the pommel? I just want to be certain when I swing the blade with speed and it won’t fly out to hurt any bystander.

    Thank in advance for your reply!

  34. Leon  Says:

    Well? Is the blade made out of a whole piece of steel(without welding an extra piece to extend into the handle)? If so, is that whole piece of blade threaded to be screwed together with the pommel?

    I really want to know, thanks again!

  35. Leon  Says:

    One more to add: Inside the leather wrap, is the hilt metallic or wooden? Thanks in advance again!

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