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Valyrian steel is folded hundreds of times in the process of forging (I: 20)

Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow, Damascus

We are pleased to announce the newest product in our line of licensed collectibles from the HBO® series Game of Thrones®. Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow Damascus Edition is made from high carbon damascus steel, created when two types of high carbon steel are folder together repeatedly to create thousands of alternating layers in the metal. It was modeled directly on the actual screen used prop from the show, with accurately matched materials and dimensions. Each sword is serialized and is part of an overall limited edition of just 500 pieces. It will come with a wall mount and a certificate of authenticity. Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow Damascus Edition will retail for an MSRP of $600, we will start accepting preorders on Sunday October 6th 2 hours after the regular Longclaw release, for early 2014 deliveries.

79 Responses to “Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow, Damascus”

  1. Pierre  Says:

    My wife is going to kill me…

  2. Pierre  Says:

    My wife is going to kill me.

  3. Steven  Says:

    Is the scabbard being made for Longclaw going to be based off of the show (like the one for Robb’s sword)? Thanks!

  4. valyrian  Says:

    yes steve

  5. Gustavo  Says:

    Done!!! Number Please?

    With this one, I’ll have both Damascus Ices and Longclaws.

    Keep up the great work ! Regards

  6. Youssef  Says:

    alright it just went live! ordered it at 13:00 hours on the dot. Would you be so kind to hopefully let me know if I got #1?? (crossing fingers, toes, eyes and praying to the old gods and the new)

  7. David Rodriguez  Says:

    I cant wait to get Ice and LongClaw, do u know what my number is for the Lonclaw? thanks in advance.

  8. delwyn  Says:

    Also curious what number I’ve scored :)

    (This has been a very expensive weekend!)

  9. todd  Says:

    I would also like to know which number I received!

  10. KaneRelf  Says:

    While people are asking I’d like to know my number :)

  11. Mike  Says:

    Ill jump on the wagon. What number did I get?

  12. Jason  Says:

    I would also like to know what numbers will be added to mine and my friends collections.

    Cheers yet again!

  13. JR  Says:

    I’d also like to know what number I got. Thanks!

  14. Kurt  Says:

    I would also like to know what number I got.

  15. Ian  Says:

    I’d like to know too since everyone else is asking, thanks

  16. valyrian  Says:

    Here is the order list. Note this is order list, not number list. Some people ordered two (or three) which would bump people down additional spots. Others request numbers over their spot, which moves people down. But orders/requests will be filled in the following order, starting at number 1…

    Andrew H.
    Corey T.
    Emily G.
    David R.
    Ali M.
    John H.
    Jordan F.
    Neil C.
    Andreas S.
    Nicholas S.
    Joshua E.
    Gustavo B.
    Derek U.
    Jonas H.
    Youssef H.
    Marc G.
    Nicholas N.
    Shawn T.
    Colin W.
    Subphong S.
    Christian W.
    Robert H.
    Fabian L.
    Thomas L.
    Jeff T.
    Simon O.
    Adam N.
    Edward S.
    Kane R.
    Darren B.
    Timmi R.
    Brad C.
    Marco B.
    Joseph E.
    Thomas L.
    Lucas H.
    Matt B.
    Daniel D.
    Philip P.
    Ilijan L.
    Sven von B.
    Kevin M.
    Michael B.
    Ryan G.
    Robert A.
    Charles S.
    Jason R.
    Keith T.
    Abdallah A.
    Christopher M.
    Justin P.
    Kevin Z.
    Adam M.
    David J.
    Jon B
    Michael De S
    Mercedes T
    Rachel S
    Dennis H
    Igal K
    Jason F
    Blayne M
    Harry P
    Jason H
    Valerie V
    Ravid R
    Maggie W
    Francis P
    Ronald M
    Daniel B
    Andrew M
    Christopher B
    Sheila M
    Todd Fecho
    Tristin S
    Peter P
    Mark T
    Shaun K
    Cinda L
    Gregory D
    Vincent B
    Paul C
    Jesse S
    Stefan S
    Guy D
    Edward Y
    Serhan H
    Danny H
    Ronel C
    Ian D
    Casey L
    Mike S
    Thomas Le
    Simon Maq
    Glenn W
    Miguel Angel M
    Jose G
    Patrick N
    Thomas McC
    Hayley F
    Melissa P
    Gabriel N
    David B
    Hans R
    Cory Vander H
    Philip C
    J. Daniel B
    Kyle P
    Rogelio F
    Zerlina C
    Daniel S
    Adrianno S
    Dennis H
    Zerlina C
    Matthew Br
    Nancy R

    We’re well over 100 at this point. Your order in that list is not a promise of a specific number, but it should give you an idea of about where you are, if you’re not on the list you’ll definitely have a 3 digit number.

  17. Derek  Says:

    Well Looks like I did not get #1 ;( .

    You guys are very fast lol But I still cant wait to get this. It will be my 1st sword can’t wait :D

  18. Keli  Says:

    So what do you all mean by Others request numbers over their spot, which moves people down? Could we have somehow requested a lower number? My husband ordered it he is Josh E. Thanks a lot so excited to get Longclaw.

  19. Igal  Says:

    Keli it means that if my number is 1 but I want to get the number 324 I am going to get 324 and whoever was number two gets my number and so on. You cannot request numbers lower than yours, otherwise they would be selling 500 number 1 swords :)

  20. Youssef  Says:

    wow…I got it exactly at 2pm on the is it that I ended up at 15?

  21. valyrian  Says:

    14 people mere fractions of a second faster than you Youssef. We had over 50 orders logged at 2:00, another 30 or 40 at 2:01.

    The fastest sales we’ve ever had, and so far, officially, the best first day says of a single product we’ve ever had.

  22. valyrian  Says:

    Sometimes people cancel their order too, in which case everyone moves up.

  23. Youssef  Says:

    well congrats to you guys on your success. ahh well. I tried my best that’s all I can do. Now the hard part is to wait. also is #500 already reserved or can someone request it?

  24. valyrian  Says:

    someone else requested 500 already

  25. marc  Says:

    roll call
    i’m marc g #16 on the list and i ordered just one sword and didnt request a later number.

  26. Tim  Says:

    Actual garnet eyes?

  27. Matt  Says:

    What about those that opted for postal cheque payment method? I ordered at 2:00 exactly and I’m not on the list? Does that mean my order isn’t confirmed until payment clears?

  28. Harbir  Says:

    hey valyrian i requested for #223. will i get that number or was i late? please let me know what number i have and thanks for the great product.

  29. Jonathan D  Says:

    Hi, could you let me know what number I am please? Thank you

  30. Jonathan D  Says:

    I purchased Longclaw and Ice (both Damascus) I was wondering if both could be #250?

  31. Adam Mitchell  Says:

    Damm, i’m #53. You guys must have cheated by copying and pasting your card details or something. Valyrian is there anyway to see who used copy/paste and bump them down the list so the non-cheaters can get a higher number? :) SO happy to be getting this sword though, hope it has good resale value.

  32. Thomas L********  Says:

    my name is twice in the list.
    On position 24 and 35…

  33. Nathan Cartwright  Says:

    I think your Facebook cover photo needs to be HBO Damascus Longclaw

  34. Harbir  Says:

    Also is it possible i can pre-order one more of these for my brother or is it only one per customer?

  35. valyrian  Says:

    You can order as many as you like Harbir.

  36. valyrian  Says:

    @Johnathan D, possibly, I’ll put it on your list, but someone may have asked for that number already who ordered before you. But if they’re still available when we get to your order you’ll get them.

  37. valyrian  Says:

    @Harbir, #223 is fine I think. I don’t think anyone else requested that.

    People in general, the first shipment will only be 250 pcs, if you request a number above that it’ll be a couple months after the first shipment for the second shipment.

  38. valyrian  Says:

    @Matt Whyte, yes, it means you rorder is not confirmed, but your spot in the list is saved. When you pay you will move in, and everyone will be shifted down.

  39. valyrian  Says:

    @Tim, not this time.

  40. Dennis  Says:

    Do you have the list for the Ice sword?

  41. Robert H  Says:

    WOW absolutely Stoked!! Waited till 5am Australian TIME and managed to get #22, thats where I am on the list, Very Very satisfied cant wait to get Long-claw Domascus, Thanks Valyrian!!!!!!!!

    All the way from Downunder AUSTRALIA!!


  42. Hayden G  Says:

    I ordered mine last night but 130 were sold already. I was hoping to get #1, #5 or #15, but it looks I’m in the 3 digits :(. If the likelihood I cannot get #5 or #15, can I get #105 or #115?

  43. Hayden G  Says:

    Actually I’d like to request #283 if that’s possible. Thanks.

  44. Fabia.L  Says:

    i got 23# :D

  45. Marcel J  Says:

    I’d like to ask if you got my request in the order for a Damascus Longclaw with #266 ?
    Also if possible, when do you expect the 2nd shipment for those with numbers above #250?

    Many thanks!

  46. harbir  Says:

    hey Valyrian how many damascus longclaws and damascus ice are left?

  47. ozzy  Says:

    is this blade a full tang?

  48. ozzy  Says:

    Oh and i would love to know what number I’m getting as well. Thanks valyrian!

  49. Christopher B  Says:

    i would like to know if the blade is full tang as well. Also if # 125 is not already reserved i would love to get it if not thats fine ill take whichever

  50. youssef  Says:

    i don’t believe its full tang from what i’ve read in early posts.

  51. Hayden G  Says:

    @youssef It won’t have a 100% full tang, but I believe it will be done with as much tang as possible. They wouldn’t be asking $600 for a sword that could easily break…

  52. R M  Says:

    Gamesome that I happened to check the site and they had just been realized. Very excited I got my order confirmation several days ago and was wondering what number I received? Thanks ! So pumped!

  53. R M  Says:

    Awesome that I happened to check the site and they had just been released. Very excited I got my order confirmation several days ago and was wondering what number I received? Thanks ! So pumped!

  54. R M  Says:

    Also, I would like to request some possible #s -177, 197, 247, 277, but that’s really just icing on the cake.

  55. Robert H  Says:

    how many lonclaws are left??

  56. valyrian  Says:

    theoretically? 170 maybe. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re sold out before they ship.

  57. ozzy  Says:

    Can we get an untheoretical list of numbers. I am still so eager to know mine!

  58. Sean  Says:

    Goodness gracious. Just ordered mine and I was lucky I came by the site after a several month hiatus. Why don’t you guys send out email/newsletters to your customers to let them know about new product offerings. I have an account and you have my email.

  59. Derek  Says:

    Hey just wanted to now if the List for the top 20 orders has changed at all ?? Ppl canceling order maybe or requesting lower number or ppl that did money order getting added?? Just wondering if my Order number has changed :)

  60. valyrian  Says:

    I don’t think so

  61. Dirk  Says:

    Still some left?

  62. Josh  Says:

    Can you tell me which number I have? Thanks in advance!

  63. Michael  Says:

    Do you guys have any idea when HBO needle is going to be announced?

  64. Laila D.  Says:

    Hey Valyrian! I would like to request number 333 if possible. I was also wondering what the shipping date will be.
    Thanks a bunch for these pieces!

  65. valyrian  Says:

    numbers above 250 are not likely to ship until the 2nd batch of swords, possibly not until late Spring.

  66. Branden L.  Says:

    Caved and got one of these bad boys.. Now if only I could find an original Longclaw for sale someplace without being petrified that its a fake.

  67. Dirk  Says:

    I´ve preordered the “normal” Longclaw and would like to order the Damascus Longclaw. Before I do this I´d like to know if there still some left.

  68. valyrian  Says:

    We’re into the second batch of 250, which means delivery will be a little later, but yes, there are plenty left.

  69. wuju  Says:

    since i did not get this new product pre-order information early enough, can i request my blade number to be #500/500

  70. Paul Horgan  Says:

    Is there any way I can find out what number I am.

  71. Christopher B  Says:

    Valyrian, i was wondering if you had a hard estimate on the shipping date for the first batch of swords

  72. Derek  Says:

    Hey just wanted to know if the 1st batch will still be getting shipped out around April and do you know how many are left ?

  73. valyrian  Says:

    Should be March actually, and 0 left in the first batch. Like 100 left overall.

  74. Sean  Says:

    So how can we find out if we are in the first batch? Do you have a “Purchased By” date that might give us a clue?

  75. valyrian  Says:

    We had so many orders the first hour that the entire first batch is eaten up by them.

  76. Chris  Says:

    I was wondering how many are still available for sale?

  77. valyrian  Says:

    less than 100.

  78. Gio  Says:

    Has anyone canceled their order since they sold out. Are any still available besides the one with the crack on ebay? Please let me know

  79. Ben  Says:

    I have one for sale. As you know the price of these swords has sky rocketed and just keeps going. These swords are an amazing investment and I’m nearly crying having to sell mine and not even being able to look at or hold them. Currently 0 for sale online. Mine is unboxed located in Australian Email me offers guys.. Won’t even respond to silly offers so make them count as I will take 1st good offer. I have two and it kills me to sell one and prob have to sell both, as I need the cash atm :(

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