Valyrian Steel
Some claim to still know the spells that must be used to rework Valyrian steel, and some master armorers have revealed their ability to properly reforge it (I: 235. III: 359)

Ice Shipping Soon

Ice is sitting in Detroit, about 90 miles from our warehouse in Lansing, MI Customs still has not released it yet, as soon as they do it could be in our warehouse within a day. So we’re going to start processing shipments on Monday, you’ll start getting shipping confirmations. PLEASE if you’ve moved since you’ve ordered EMAIL us an updated shipping address. Changing your address on our website will not change old orders.

10 Responses to “Ice Shipping Soon”

  1. Josh  Says:

    Both versions?

  2. T  Says:

    This has been answered like a hundred times. NO. Damascus is still months away- it even says so directly in the product description.

  3. Ryan  Says:

    Update? Know a date yet?

  4. Jules  Says:

    Wow….this was suppose to be out late august/early september. Now we won’t be getting them until February. Only like a half a year late.

  5. Ben  Says:

    Any word on more book products? I enjoy all of the HBO merchandise, but I would rather have to book version of anything (especially Ice).

  6. Austin  Says:

    Have these shipped out yet? I haven’t received a shipping confirmation but the store is listing them as “In Stock.” Any word?

  7. valyrian  Says:

    Austin, yours will go out today (we have to do special arrangements for APO shipments).

  8. Austin  Says:

    OK, thank you very much! Can’t wait!

  9. Romulo  Says:

    When the Book edition of Ice will be availabe for purchase? Its the best item on your list… would love to order it…

  10. Yoann  Says:

    I think I can answer for them : NEVER anymore !
    Limited edition is supposed to be limited…

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