Valyrian Steel
Some claim to still know the spells that must be used to rework Valyrian steel, and some master armorers have revealed their ability to properly reforge it (I: 235. III: 359)

Longclaw, Damascus Longclaw, Damascus Ice Shipping Soon

We are going to start processing shipping labels for Longclaw, Damascus Longclaw, and Damascus Ice soon. You may be emailed a tracking number, that does NOT mean the product has shipped, only that we processed the label. We’re looking at the 1st week of March right now but there are so many labels to get through, we want to start working on them. Also, if you’ve moved and need the address changed, please EMAIL us so that your sword finds you safely.

Everyone has has ordered Longclaw should get it shipped, but we only are getting enough damascus swords to cover a portion of the earliest existing preorders, the rest will be here in May.

16 Responses to “Longclaw, Damascus Longclaw, Damascus Ice Shipping Soon”

  1. Harry  Says:

    How many damascus longclaws are left?

  2. valyrian  Says:

    less than 100 unallocated. If you want one, don’t wait.

  3. ozzy  Says:

    how many damascus longclaws do you have to cover the first shipment of orders?

  4. Derek  Says:

    Do you still think they will be going out this week ???

  5. Ed  Says:

    Received both Ice and Longclaw today.
    Very impressive swords. Nice work!

  6. Mark  Says:

    Do you have an official list of who gets what # sword in the first batch of 100 Damascus longclaws?

  7. Robert H  Says:

    Hi I received my Longclaw and it has no serial number on the blade I only have certificate that has number 25 on it?? can someone tell me why there is no serial number on my blade!!??

  8. Skyler  Says:

    Hi! Do you have an estimate on when needle or oathkeeper will come around?

  9. Rob Skinner  Says:

    Hi There,

    Would it be possible to advise when the next batch of Damascus Ice swords will be shipping?



  10. Steven  Says:

    I’m also curious if a show version of Needle will be made since it’s making its return this season…

  11. valyrian  Says:

    We are going to make a show Needle. It is being worked on now.

  12. spencer  Says:

    Do you guys have an update on oath keeper ?

  13. Mycah  Says:

    Just Wondering if There’s is any news on oathkeeper? Would like Damascus Ice but holding out for a Damascus oathkeeper

  14. Paul H  Says:

    Hi, I ordered my Damascus Longclaw in November and it still hasn’t come, may you please release a list of the recipients of the next order and the approximate date of its release, thank you.

  15. valyrian  Says:

    The next batch is in may. Oathkeeper is still being worked on.

  16. Cory  Says:

    Is there a timeframe on when show Needle may see the light of day?

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