Valyrian Steel
Aegon the Conqueror and the kings after him wielded Blackfyre, a Valyrian steel sword, until Aegon IV gave it to his bastard son Daemon on his attainment of knighthood at the age 12 (TSS: 111, 137)

Longclaw Scabbard to Start Shipping

Longclaw Scabbard, VS0108, will start to ship tommorow. If you’ve moved or changed address since you placed your order, please let us know. If you backordered both the scabbard and the sword in the same order, we will hold off on shipping the scabbard until your sword ships later this month so they can go together.

3 Responses to “Longclaw Scabbard to Start Shipping”

  1. Tim Fredrickson  Says:

    Dear VS:
    I bought both together, scabbard and Damascus Longclaw, so I’ll be patient and wait a little longer. Should be well worth it.
    Are you guys planning to do any of swords, shields, and axes from “The Vikings” series?Especially if they are Ulfberht replicas.

  2. spencer  Says:

    Do you guys plan on making widows wail, its a awesome sword

  3. Ross  Says:

    I am thinking about getting a scabbard for Longclaw, however I have a problem with the Rob Stark scabbard. It is way to tight (I haven’t even been able to fully sheath the sword yet). Do you have any tips to stretch the scabbard? Also I wanted to permanently mount the sword on my wall in the scabbard. Do you recommend an oil or treatment to help preserve the sword in the scabbard?

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