HBO has greenlit the series, A Game of Thrones should air about a year from now.

In unrelated news…

1. In concert with GRRM, we’ve decided to make King Robert’s Warhammer the next piece (after Ice). So if you’re name is Rhaegar, best stay away from any rivers.

2. For those who have asked, we’re up to mid 40s in the Damascus Longclaw numbers. Also, we’re still on schedule to have manufacturing completed in April.

3. No idea on when we’ll open up Ice for preordering yet. We still need to make a prototype.

4. In case anyone is visiting us for the first time. Here is a recap….

Longclaw is available, you can order here.
Needle is available, you can order here.
The Damascus version of Longclaw should be ready in April, you can preorder it here.
Ice will be done next, it is not yet available for preorder. You can however view a sketch here.
Robert’s War Hammer will be done after that, and that just started the design phase.

9 Thoughts on “HBO announces pickup of Game of Thrones, and other news

  1. mimir on March 4, 2010 at 12:17 am said:

    Awesome! All good news, can’t wait for Ice!

  2. Luke on March 4, 2010 at 7:18 pm said:

    Sweet, cant wait to see the design.

  3. What about Dance with Dragons? When will it be in stock at amazon? I see that you have the link to the amazon page, but they don’t have any available yet.

  4. Atkins on March 6, 2010 at 8:34 am said:

    Robert’s Warhammer. Good choice. I voted for either that or the hounds helm. I know its early yet, but any ideas on materials or aesthetics concerning the warhammer? Also very happy to hear Damascus Longclaw is on schedule. Forgot to ask, will it be sharpened, or false edged? Thank you.

  5. I don’t recall was it ever stated if they will be using the Valyrian Steel version of weapons for this production?

  6. Here are the facts Kurt.

    1. We’ve had discussions with them about our designs and they’ve asked to see our artwork.
    2. We have no agreement with them that they’ll use any of our designs, they are under no obligation to.
    3. GRRM likes our designs, and wants them to be used.
    4. We want our designs to be used, and we hope, like other prior art, at the very least we influence the prop designers.
    5. HBO is not allowed to issue a license for their own prop replicas. Apparently GRRM retained that right fully. So, there will be no replicas officially from the series.

  7. Dabear on March 12, 2010 at 4:01 pm said:

    Good to hear damascus longclaw is still on schedule how much does the damascus longclaw weigh? Also how much does regular longclaw weigh?

  8. “Some claim to still know the spells that must be used to rework Valyrian steel, and some master armorers have revealed their ability to properly reforge it (I: 235. III: 359)”
    So what is the difference between rework, and reforge, as they are applied to this quote?

  9. Beau,

    I’m the one who wrote that summation. Rework and reforge are being used as synonyms by me in that particular case. We have Tobho Mott claiming in GoT that only those trained to know the spells can “rework” Valyrian steel, and later we see an example of reforged Valyrian steel from someone who claims to know those spells.

    I could be misunderstanding the usage of the word, of course, but that was my intention anyways: rework=reforge.

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